Lunch Break



Alex Solis + DK reference = Sell Out.

I bet this will be gone by 10am.


Look at that tasty sandwich.



Even Donkey Kong has gotta eat, I suppose.


He better be eating Banana bread or else I’m going bananas in here.


gasp A videogame related shirt! I’m hoping that is a banana sandwich.


This has a very Perry Bible Fellowship feel to it, and I like that. I miss that comic.


very nice


What’s he drinking there? Looks like some tasty Mario juice.


There’s always money in the banana sandwich.



In the original Donkey Kong game, Mario was known as “Jumpman” and was a carpenter instead of a plumber.



This gorilla looks like the victim of a terrible ape-fighting operation (as evidence by unsightly grimace and unusual scar on rightside of the face).

This PSA wants you to remember: Just say know to animal cruelty, everyone!


This shirt will keep you from getting chumpatized.



don’t mind the fact of a gorilla munching on sandwich on a steel foundation… but the second barrel just floating around bothers me :S


This reminds me of Billy Madison-- Snak Paks and Donkey Kong at lunch time.


EPIC!!! In for 1
I have the sudden urge to grab a hammer and beat the crap out of the guy how stole my girl…


Hope that’s a paid union break you’re taking there, Mr. Kong. If not, get back to throwin’ them barrels. They ain’t gonna throw themselves ya’ know.


I’m really on the fence with this one. On the one hand it is pretty funny. On the other hand, for some reason, the fact the ape doesn’t look more like Donkey Kong is upsetting.


If any of you haven’t seen the documentary King of Kong you really should. Especially if you buy this shirt.