Lunch Trays


So, I have basically an unlimited supply of lunch trays. (Not the seperated kind… the fast food kind) and I want to make something out of them. Any ideas?


I saw in IKEA where they took these translucent trays and drilled holes through them and chained them together to create a neat hanging background to a room.


Snow and lunch trays?!?!!? You need a hill!


Start your own fast food chain restaurant


donate some to a local soup kitchen or shelter. They usually need things like that


what color are they?




Use the black as a background/frame & make original art. You can sell it for big bucks at a folk art museum if you get on a found-object art kick.


I was at first thinking
to this thread, but it is actually pretty funny!!
Can’t wait to hear more ideas…



Put them under your car:


What would Martha do?



Fools, heh.


Re-tile her pool?




Punch holes in a lunch tray to make these animal cages. The animals were cut from another paper and then bushes or trees were made from construction paper. I taped the black yarn to the back of the tray and they pulled it through the holes.

The possibilities are endless. So I’m going to try to stop thinking about this.


My advice: Give them back to your supervisor and try to convince him/her it was just a big misunderstanding. If you’re lucky, you’ll still have access to an unlimited supply of McNuggets.


Send them to me.
Or make them into shields.
Or cut them into shapes with a scroll saw.
Or build a fort out of them.
Or make armor out of them.
Or send them to me.
Or sell them on E-bay.
Or sell them to woot.
Or Or cut them into interlocking peaces with a scroll saw so you can build things, like a chair or a table.
Or just cut off the edges and glue them or bolt them together.
Or send them to me.
Or put fans on them and sell them as a laptop cooling device. (take two, cut off the back end and glue them facing each other.)


Ok, I’ll bite… How in the world did you get your hands on a plethora of lunch trays?


On that topic, where did that kid in your sig come from?


No one on woot works in fast food. They wouldn’t have enough money to buy anything.