Lurker mode disengage


so long…and thanks for all the fish


I wonder who will be your new incarnation . . . nobody gets outta woot alive . . .


Hahaha, now that I think of it maybe I will reincarnate as a nondisabledwookie? That sounds like it would be fun.


Darn it, every time I make a friend they leave. . . I thought cyberspace would be better. . . farewell darthv8r


The wookie is still here to comfort everyone with his overabundant hairyness.


Why? Please tell me why? Please tell me about the fish. I hate when people leave things unsaid and undone.


I didn’t even get the chance to figure out if darth were single or married or dateworthy…



Hi, KT. I wish people would tell us why they’re leaving. Are we too boring?

Never mind, I don’t want to be told I’m boring.


KT, are you back? Or is tonight a drive by posting?




Rain says he’s 24, Texan and married for two years.


I hope you’ll be back under a new name. :slight_smile:


Thanks Admiral!


I don’t think your boring poof. I would like more than just a goodbye y’all when people leave too, some warning would be nice. If I ever leave for good (don’t see it happening) I will try to let you all know, and let you know why. Otherwise I am just busy.


Ahhh, but is he sponge worthy?


Probably not, but he might just be Mansier worthy.


Hopefully to his wife!


sounds reasonable. people do go on vacation. I remember darthv8r had been in hospital a while back. Hope nothing came back.


You know, I was thinking the same thing and he just won’t post about it.
Now our imaginations have run wild.


Lets hope that it isn’t anything big and he comes back as himself or some new incarnation.