Lutron Ceana Dimmers

I used to make these! Or at least the prototypes for them. Lutron has some pretty strict quality control, so I imagine that you won’t have any problems with these.

Then again, they are just light switches, so I don’t think anyone will get too excited about them

It would of been nice if you included the covers. Kind of like selling a Porsche without the wheels.

most places don’t sell the covers with these. it’s not just woot.

The dimmer fits in the plate for a common toggle switch. The switch you are replacing. So, you already have the cover plate and can save the extra fifty nine cents toward that Porsche down payment %>)

Important note…“For 3-Way application, where lights are controlled by 2 switches.”

Three way switches can be wired a couple different ways, so with existing wiring you need to verify which method was used. Usually black and red are hot and white is neutral, except when it isn’t. A white wire with a black mark on it is hot.

Another important note, these will more than likely not work with LED or CFL light bulbs unless they say dimmable on the packaging. For LED/CFL light bulbs that do not say dimmable, you will need to get a dimmer that is compatible with led/cfl’s. The reason behind this is because a driver is needed to allow for the light to dim. Sometimes it’s built into the switch, sometimes its built into the light bulb. Check twice, buy once.

That’s dangerous advice. Should have thrown a “usually” between “is” and “hot”. Always always always use a voltage tester.

Sure, absolutely. Or if you don’t have a voltage tester, just use the tip of your tongue.

Thee, thanks a thot. Puth thatcasm thags nexth thime!!!

Thanks for the great advice since I don’t have a voltage tester. I’ll have to try this when I get home. I will let you know how it goes after…

Does anyone know how these work with dimmers on both switches? Which dimmer is adjusting the brightness if it’s a 3-way switch? Does it only ever get as bright as the lowest dimmer? Does it somehow know which one you changed more recently?

This guy looks like he’s reaching for a tiny telephone.

So I have leds from from Costco that say dimmable anyone know if these will work

found my answer nope

•For incandescent and halogen bulbs, up to 600 Watts
•Includes (2) Ceana 3-Way Dimmers

One of the two we got here last week blew immediately after installing it,
Lutron is less than accepting to the possibility that the switch could be defective.

Second one works perfectly in the same location/wiring (red&black are travelers, white is common).

Yes power was shut off during install.

After several emails, they are allowing us to ship it to them for their inspection.

As an electrician,
I don’t know how many thousands of 3 ways I put in the last 30 years,
but I know a bad one when I see it.