Lutron Dimmers: Lutron Dance

C’mon woot where are the ZWave versions ? You should have a Home Automation sale :slight_smile:

I installed a few of the Lutron digital dimmers in my dining room (three-pole config) and they work great with halogen bulbs; really nice touch.

The digital dimmers do NOT work at all with fluorescent bulbs, even the dimmable ones. The bulbs will flicker and may not turn on at all.

These dimmers will also NOT work with LED bulbs.

Lutron DOES sell digital dimmers that will work for CFL/LED bulbs, but they are harder to find and a bit more expensive.

What happened to I was getting ready to order 4 Lutron MK-603PI-WH Meadowlark 600-Watt 3-Way Eco-Minder Dimmer because I already had two and they worked great.

Before I submitted my order I thought better double check the price as it seems woot has been expensive laterly…sure enough found 5 places selling for less with free shipping and no taxes…

Ordered from them instead, come on woot ignore your Amazon masters and come back

Who doesn’t love a cheap 3-way?