Lutron: Light Control

I have one of these, with a remote control, in my bedroom. Lights out is a slow fade, plenty of time for me to walk to bed without tripping over something my dog dropped. Morning lights on is a gentle fade in. [EDIT: I have a 3rd, saved setting for when I want to play with my laptop/cellphone in bed, with just enough light to find my glasses and the keys on the keyboard. Great feature!]

Be aware, however, that these ONLY dim incandescents (including halogens, which are actually a special kind of incandescents). LED lights require a completely different dimming method.

I have LED recessed lighting with all of them connected to Lutron Dimmers. I wasn’t aware that you needed a different dimming method for LED. It’s been over a year since I converted to LED and I haven’t had any issues yet.

We’ve seen this sale many times now Woot. Each time you’ve displayed a switch with plugs as the featured item. Each time this item has failed to appear in the sale. I keep hoping it does, but that hope is fading now. Please either stop using that image, or have it as an option for purchase.

This is not a switch with plugs. It’s actually three different things: switch, separate duplex outlet and a two gang wall plate. You can buy all of them separately at any hardware store.

But to Ayrahvon’s point: The teaser picture always has a dimmer switch that is never available in the collection of items in the sale.