Lutron Switches & Receptacles

“Coordinating screw less wall plates sold separately” … yet, all the default pictures show them with the wall plates.

Not to add more workload (what with the Bungled Bundles and all), but some clarification and mass contacting of Wooters who have already ordered these may be in order here.

Prices seem pretty good VS the same brand at the big orange home place. They don’t include the cover plate either apparently. With many outlets to replace in the near future, this is kind of intriguing. However, there are cheaper options. So as far as I can see this is only really useful if you need one of those odd colors.

Got them to clarify in the sale, but apparently we have sold these before without the clarification with no trouble, I’m told that normally these are sold that way. We’ll be sympathetic to any customers who may have bought it thinking otherwise.

Of course. How could accuracy in advertising be done any better?..

So much for ‘highest-and-best’ :frowning:

15-Amp Half Dimmable Receptacle, White

Isn’t that a picture of a 20-Amp fixture?

still waiting for woot to have the wall plate with USB port.

Just get one from the mothership …

Cooper Wiring Devices TR7740W-K Combination USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle, 2-Pole, 3-Wire Grounding, White

Leviton T5630-W 2.1-Amp High Speed USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacle, 15-Amp/125-Volt, White

Unlike the receptacles sold in this Woot Plus sale, these are tamper resistant (TR) to meet 2008 NEC standards. In other words, Pikachu can no longer get electrocuted like this …


So why do you need a special plug to work the dimmer?

“Protecting nub prevents standard plug from being used.”

It’s so other devices don’t get plugged into a dimmer circuit.

I’ve almost replaced all the switches in my house with the Lutron ‘snow’, and I can assure you they do not come with the wallplates.

I do really enjoy these switches, and this order will let me finish all the 1-ways.

I’m mad I missed the GFI. Would’ve loved to swap one out for it.

You never get the face plate no matter where you buy them. Some people want ivory, white, brown, gray…you get the idea.

The Pass-Seymour GFCI receptacles I bought a few years ago came with faceplates. Likewise, some Leviton switches I’ve bought before came with them too.

NERTZ! I have to remember to read the BOLD PRINT…“Coordinating screwless wall plates sold separately (CW-1-BL)”

Truth. Any inspected work either indoor or outdoor (at least in California AFAIK) will be rejected unless the GFI’s are tamper resistant, which I’ve learned the hard way.