Luxe Bidets

Really? No toilet humor? You guys are disappointing me. :frowning:

[youtube=uYIe9o2jMSE]It’s for washing your backside, right?[/youtube]

SO, how do these work? I come from a land where the bidet is separate.

These just clip onto a toilet bowl? How do they plumb in?

Check out these videos:

Hey, many thanks. It actually makes a lot more sense to have them combined in the toilet itself. Ha.
These all get very good reviews on amazon.

Might be an odd point to make, but I think this would help when cleaning your toilet too, especially if you have the hot water option.


Here’s why you should get one:

The hot water models require access to a hot water line, while the cheaper models use the already available water line. Also, without someone in the way, these will spray completely out of the toilet, so their ability to clean the toilet itself is limited.

Yah, my sink is right next to the toilet. It would be one hole in the cabinet away from being a simple install.
The colours won’t match, but I guess white works on everything either way.

Here’s a comparison chart

Realistically, unless you have the world’s best insulated plumbing, the hot water models seem pointless. I can’t imagine using it long enough for the hot to kick in in my bathroom.

I was wondering that too. If you basically have to be in the way of the jet, then the hot is going to be pretty much useless unless you leave it running for a couple of minutes and just wait it out. I guess you could ‘prime it’ by turning on the sink first…


Stick with the cold option or am I missing something?

Oh, check this out…from Amazon comments.

“you can use cleaning mode that send water downward to run water until it gets to temperature.”

I went with the Neo 180. I had some hesitations with the hot/cold bidets. I imagine there would be some trial and error in getting the temperature right. In the mean time you will be getting some scalding water up your… ahem… whatever you’re cleaning. Besides there are 77 great reviews in Amazon for the 180. 4.5 Stars. Happy cleaning!

I bought a different brand earlier this year.

I can tell you that in winter you will want the hot water option! If you look, you will see that they all default to medium temperature, so you aren’t likely to burn your bum.

Yes, you do have to pre-heat the water; you just run it on the “nozzle clean” setting while you do your business.

You will figure out the right temperature setting after just a use or two. Then it’s just a matter of leaving it set or putting it back in the right place before you start it up.

Yes, it works much better than just paper. No it doesn’t leave you wet, because you use a small amount of paper afterward to dry off. Now for the big white elephant in the room. Yes, you have to pull them out of the way, unless you want to dry them off too.

That would tickle, teehee…

Meets ASME standards.

Any way you could use one of these as a diaper sprayer? I know there are handheld models for that purpose, but they seem less convenient as a bidet. Maybe the cleaning function on some of the models could be used?

Any thoughts would be helpful!

In the videos the toilet is adjacent to the sink. My toilet no where near my sink. Install OK? How? Been dreaming about a bidet for years, didn’t know they exist here. Great.

no need for these since I take care of my business in the shower

got some info straight from the vendor for y’all!

“For the bidets with cold water connection only (Neo110, Neo120 and Neo180), the water to the bidet is connected from under the toilet tank. The T-adapter and the hose (included in the bidets) connect directly to the water supply going to the toilet tank. So the sink is not needed for the bidets that only have cold water connection. The sink is only needed for the models that require hot water connection (Neo250, Neo320).”

For the question regarding the "diaper spray" by Inice13: 

"You could use the Neo bidet's self cleaning function to use the water to put water on the diapers. The self-cleaning function puts water on the nozzles, directing water downwards (cleaning the nozzles in the process). Even though the self-cleaning feature is technically made for this purpose, but it is possible that one can use the downward directed nozzle self-cleaning stream to wash the diaper into the toilet."

hope this helps!