Luxury 8" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

So, I have the 12 inch version of this mattress and every time I see it come up for sale on Woot I try to leave a comment letting others know about my experience.

This mattress is the best thing I have ever purchased on Woot. Ever. Ever. Ever.

My finace and I had been shopping for a mattress for about 2 months before we bought this one. We had looked all over and were just about to take the plunge on a $$$$ expensive foam mattress when I read the comments for a mattress sale on Woot. The low price and the glowing reviews made me decide to take a chance on a mattress I had never felt.

Not only did we save mega dollars on the purchase of a queen sized mattress- but we also have an excellent comfy bed that I ADORE. The only mattress that I liked more than this one (in all the dozens of mattresses I’ve tested) was the tempurpedic, and for a queen size of that brand you’re looking at over $2k. So, if you’re worried about buying a mattress online, I totally get it. But you will not be disappointed with this one.

These are my personal comments, and in no way solicited or incentivized by my employment at Woot. I just genuinely want everyone to have a great mattress!

I’ll second what the other user said. I also have a 12" version of this in both King and Queen sizes in my home. Easily the best mattress I’ve EVER owned. I sleep so great on this.

I rent my house on Airbnb, and I ALWAYS get comments from my guests asking what kind of beds I have because they are so unbelievably comfortable. They do NOT sleep hot at all. There’s not a single bad thing I could say about these.

If you’ve been shopping around for a mattress, GET one of THESE!

What is the Brand of this mattress? and why aren’t there more reviews?

There’s no brand but it’s made by a manufacturer that makes many name brand mattresses. You can see more information in the warranty link.

Just FYI,… an 8 inch mattress ain’t a 12 inch mattress. Big folks will need a thicker mattress. I weigh 180 lbs and I wouldn’t get a mattress less than 10" for myself. An 8 inch mattress is great for kids and infrequent (guest bed) use. It’s still light years ahead of an 8 inch standard mattress, though.

I will echo what others have said. We have the 12” version of this mattress in queen and it is the best thing ever. We put it on standard box springs. If/when it is on Woot again, we will be getting a king version for our new bed.

So if I went to the mothership site to order this mattress what would I search for??, there’s no brand. 12inch mattress??