Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Assuming Woot isn’t recycling photos, the mattress being offered is the Simmons Curv. Got my girlfriend this same mattress in 2016. She loves it, but she got the “soft” and it doesn’t bounce back into shape fast enough for me. I’m seriously considering this Woot, but I will definitely be going with “medium” if I pull the trigger.

As for the MSRP, the queen really is $1800+ on Amazon, although I doubt anyone ever actually pays that much with companies like Casper out there selling similar mattresses for half that price and a 100-day return policy.

Well, the warranty is from Future Foam who has been offering many mattresses here if that help.

This looks to be the same mattress I bought off of woot a few years ago. At that time they only offered it in medium firmness…which was pretty soft IMO.

Mine has started sagging but still gives me a good night sleep.

I have two of these mattresses. Bought a King Medium a couple years ago and loved it over my old mattress. My son liked it so he switched from his waterbed to a queen size. I decided to downsize to a queen so I bought my third a few months ago.

Very comfortable. Not hot at all.


It looks like a great mattress, but I don’t see/know what brand it is. Anyone aware of that?

Have two of this brand mattress…can’t sleep without them! Going on three years and still the best sleep ever. I was dubious because of the low price but no complaints.

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What is the brand of this mattress? I want to buy one but I’d like to look up more reviews on the actual mattress itself and not just Woot ones

Per the warranty, it’s made by Future Foam. There’s no “brand”.

What is the return policy on these?

Hi there! Here’s our return policy:

This would qualify as a Heavy/bulky item.

How firm is firm? I don’t want to sleep on soft bricks but I don’t want to sink in too much either. Opinions on medium vs firm anyone? And is it ok to use on a platform bed?

Will definitely work on a platform bed. Just needs good support.

Not sure how to answer the firm question. I got the medium and I like it. I don’t like hard beds because I’m a side sleeper.

I got this when they had it a few months ago and for the price i’m very happy with it so far. I was going to get Firm but went with Med and feels good to me. It got here WAY faster than Woot said it would. I think they ship factory direct.