Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The warranty is total BS.

That’s a throw away comment, without something to back it up with.

It’s hard to know who makes these, or if they’re the same from posting to posting. That said, I bought a king mattress from woot a couple of years ago that has the same cover for my guest room, and it’s been a pretty good mattress. The one i have is pretty soft, but I don’t remember selecting a firmness for it. Guests seem to like it.

It’s also strangely slightly larger than it should be for a king (it’s not a california king for sure) so fitting sheets on is kind of an interesting process, and when I placed it in the frame of the platform bed it currently resides in, I begin to wonder about the integrity of the side panels with lateral loading :).

Good morning. We’ve worked with Future Foam for years. They also make name brand mattresses.

I’ve had this mattress in ‘medium’ for a few years now. Had a king size and decided to downsize so bought another in Queen. My son decided to get one when he moved away from his waterbed. We love them. Just remember to rotate them regularly. You can’t flip 'em.

I bought the 10" one several years ago…and it was WELL worth the money! The cover zipper broke after a couple of times removing it for cleaning, and it DOES crush down after a while, so you will need to rotate your bed regularly to avoid having a permanent indentation when you sleep. THAT said…I decided to “upgrade” recently, and bought a Purple brand mattress on sale for $800 (TWICE the price), and after 3-4 months, I can say that I made a HUGE mistake! I have a 14" version of this bed on it’s way as we speak. These are made, a good value, and WILL give you a good nights sleep!

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I agree, the Purple Mattress was a big mistake for me, also!

We bought this mattress a couple of years ago and could not be happier with it. My back pain is a thing of the past. There was never any smell and it doesn’t retain heat in the summer like some mattresses I’ve heard about. The firmness is just right for us. We bought the plush, but I would put it more at about a medium.

Does anyone know if these mattresses contain fiberglass or silica in their flame-retardant layer? The materials tag should have this information.

Other Luxury Gel mattresses sold on Woot claim to have a removable and washable outer cover, but this one doesn’t…does that mean removing it will unleash a fiberglass tsunami?