Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Folks - I love Woot and buy stuff here frequently (Per the little square I am better than most, donchaknow), but a memory foam mattress is one item I’d be wary of getting from Woot.

Including myself, I’ve known 5 people who have purchased these types of mattresses. 3 are happy with them (including me), while 2 were not. One of the unhappy people just did not like the way the mattress felt, and the other had issues with odor from the mattress over a month after they got it.

Neither of the negative situations is covered under the 8-year warranty. That means, unless I have missed something, you’d be stuck with it. (Mods - please correct me if I am wrong and I will delete this warning.)

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Thanks… That brings up a follow-up question: Will Woot consider “stinkiness” or “I just don’t like sleeping on it” a “damage or defect”?

I’m guessing “it stinks, the foam didn’t cure right” might be a defect. But “I don’t like it” probably won’t get your money back. I don’t think it’s a customer satisfaction warranty. Maybe the manufacturer warranty is. I’m not sure.

I bought mine from the W-mart because I know a couple hillbillies with a truck. Thankfully I loved it and didn’t need to return it.

If you like really firm mattresses that don’t transfer motion, you’ll love these solid foam ones. My wife tosses and turns a lot, and I don’t feel a thing.

Any insight on the firmness levels for firm or medium. I tend to like a firmer bed.

I grabbed a firm… hope it’s worth it.

I’ve had 2 of these mattresses (medium). I loved my King size mattress but wanted to downsize for a new house. I bought the same thing in Queen. My son liked it so much that he ordered one as well.