Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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I know the question will be asked anyways, but I’ll just post the answer (even though the question will still be asked).

The brand is Future Foam.


I’m impressed how the price for a king mattress hasn’t changed since I bought one back in July of last year

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POS! this mattress sucks! We bought a King Firm there’s nothing firm about it. It kills my back, I can barely move in the morning. I have to sleep in the guest room till we get a real mattress. Can’t return it , or sell it waste of money. Don’t be stupid like me take a pass on this so called mattress!! Buy one from a real store that has a return policy if it sucks!


Thanks for keeping it real!

Thank you for the heads up! I’ve. Got a bad back already, don’t need to buy a mattress that’s soft.



I guess your mileage may vary. We have ordered three of these at different times. The two 12" queens we bought are great, but the third which was the 14" king kind of sucks. Its dimensions are larger than a standard king (smaller than a cal. king) so it barely fits in the rails on the bed its on. It’s like the foam got cut wrong, and it’s extremely soft though I believe we ordered medium.

We’ve had this in king firm for about 18mos now and it’s extremely comfortable! It is in no way soft, so unless you enjoying sleeping on bricks you will like this mattress. And fwiw, I’m 6’4" and 250. Just rotate it every couple months. Mrs. Gryhnd is in love with it too.

Now for my usual copy and paste whenever this Future foam comes up:

Since every time this mattress comes up the exact same questions are asked, lemme save some of you the search:


for starters.


Sounds like it’s TOO firm for you to have back aches. I’m what they categorize as Big & Tall and the king firm I bought last July is still firm after months of sleeping on it and breaking it in. Perhaps you got a faulty one

Its difficult to determine the right fit for a mattress because the variables are subjective to the individual. Nonetheless, I like a firm mattress and took a risk and bought a king version that I absolutely love.


Perhaps I did get a faulty or mislabeled one. I’m like a hot dog the mattress is the bun. The part that sucks is I have no recourse. I’m out $500.00

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems with the mattress. Did you contact the company linked in the features (warranty)?


FWIW, I’ve had 3 of these mattresses in medium.

First was a King. Loved it. A couple years later I moved into a smaller house and didn’t want my room to be 95% bed so I sold that one and bought a queen size. That was about 3 years ago. Still going strong. I’m very good at rotating it about once a month.

Son got one around the same time I got mine. He’s also very happy with it.


I bought a medium queen and hate mine too.

I’m a side sleeper and I have hips. On my old memory foam mattress, my hips would sink into the mattress further than the rest of my body, which kept my spine straight. On this mattress my hips don’t sink in more than the rest of my body. If I lay on my back, my butt doesn’t sink in. My spine is always misaligned, it’s like sleeping on a completely flat surface. My (non pullout) sofa is more comfortable to sleep on than this mattress.

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Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with the mattress.

Please send me an email at and we will make it right.

Regular rotation is key. Especially if you don’t move around much when you sleep, and remain in the same general spot while you sleep.

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