Luxury Gel 12" Gel w/Tanglewood Cover

What brand of memory foam mattress is this?

Sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer. This is to protect their brand presence in the marketplace at this price.

So, your just suppose to take a gamble? What if this produce is junk? You don’t take returns…

We’ve been working with this vendor for a few years now. They’re good. I bought one of their beds last month.

well, that’s not much to go off of, but I’ll take your word for it. I hope you’re right because I don’t like to be lied to or misinformed.

I don’t lie to our customers.

Seriously, we accidentally published their name once and quite a few big box retailers were on them to get the same price. You want a good price, you have to forgive us on the name. If you search hard enough, you could probably figure it out…

(Hint: Warranty)

This company makes mattresses for many brands. We should create our own brand name.

Fantastic! Unbelievable! I ordered this mattress on Sunday, 24 April and it was sitting on my front porch 28 April. The mattress is awesome. I don’t know how long it will last. I really don’t care. At the incredible Woot price if I get a year I’m happy! If I get two years I’m totally satisified. This has made getting a new mattress a joy rather than an event comparable to getting a root canal. Great job Woot! Also Great job whoever made this wonderful mattress! It literally opened to full 95% size in an hour with no odor whatsoever and the wife and I slept on it within 5 hours of set-up!

Hey ThunderThi you guys or gals can truly be proud of this woot event. The price was right. The manufacturer (whoever it is is first rate). Woot has really delivered on this one! Thanks!