Luxury Gel 12" Gel w/Tanglewood Cover

Luxury Gel 12" Gel w/Tanglewood Cover

So what is the firmness level of this ?

No mention in the description

Hi there. This would be considered medium.

Thank you.

One more question

Does it meet CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions, and durability ?

Per the vendor, it does.

FWIW, I’m on my second one (downsized from King to Queen). I’m quite happy with it. My son got one as well.

How long did the King size last before it started “boating” ? Meaning the spot where you sleep was lower than other areas.

Why the downsize ?

I was very good at rotating it so I never saw a dip in the mattress. Obviously, you can only rotate horizontally but it still helps.

I’m single and moved into a smaller house. I didn’t want my entire bedroom to be bed. LOL


Woot has sold foam mattresses previously. Specifically from a manufacturer called FutureFoam. Is this mattress from that same manufacturer (which, by the way, makes excellent mattresses)?

Howdy. Yes this is by Future Foam. You can see it in the warranty link.

Thank you, hadn’t even thought of looking there.

No worries. I have this mattress and like it quite a bit. My son does as well.