Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Choose Your Firmness

Does anyone know if there is latex in the plush mattress? Also about how soft (scale from 1-10) would you consider this mattress?


The firmness ratings would be as follows on a 1-10 scale.
Plush - 2
Medium - 5
Firm - 8

There is no latex in this mattress.


Is there a return option?

I have been waiting for this mattress to come back to Woot. I ordered two in the past and love them. I had to leave one behind when I moved. Going to order again but now have to pick firmness. What were the old ones? They seem firm enough.

In the past they don’t allow returns with memory foam mattresses.

Bought one of these in 2014, still love sleeping on it. If wife leaves window open when it’s chilly out, it’s funny jumping into bed and landing on a rock-hard surface (I exaggerate some).

Softens up pretty quick when it warms up to your body, and in summer stays softer.

Mine was quite heavey and unwieldy. Came rolled up super-plastic-sealed and I let it air out in an empty bedroom with door closed windows open a few days to get rid of the manufacturing smell.

Damn you Woot, I’ve been waiting for this to come back up but I’m moving in three weeks. How is it shipped - FedEx, UPS, other shipping company? To what extent can we choose or change the shipping date? How far in advance will we be notified of shipping date? And how much does the Cal King mattress weigh?

Our Return Policy is linked here. Hope that helps!

I’ve asked the vendor team for help finding out the weight of these mattresses, and I will let you know if I hear back from them.

As for the shipping details. Those are entirely determined by the vendor. Unfortunately, we don’t allow customers to customize their delivery dates for these orders- so it’s really all up to the vendor and they probably won’t have a shipping estimate for these mattresses till they know how many they’ve sold. Sorry I cannot be more helpful with that issue. Good luck on your move!


The mattress will be shipped by UPS, it will leave our facility early in the week. You should have it by the end of this week.

A CalKing mattress weighs about 100 lbs. and will be shipped compressed in a bag.


What changes in the Mattress foam layers to achieve 3 levels of firmness?

Is it the density of one or all layers that changes the level?

What is the brand? I would like to see some additional reviews of this mattress

The density is always the same, it is a different foam formulation that we pour to achieve the different firmness levels.


The $1800 retail price tag is hard to believe. Does anyone have links to other websites selling this mattress?

I’d completely disregard tat retail price. These are cheap beds being sold for a fairly cheap price, nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t know if this is exactly the same thing (this is 3 lb density whereas the one woot! sold is 3.5 lb density), but it looks a lot like it. I think it’s safe to assume the same manufacturer.

Ratings are good though - 4.8 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews. For the price difference I think I’d prefer the 20 year warranty, but I think I’d also prefer the 3.5 lb density of the one sold here.

I know I’m commenting after the fact on this, but this looks like the exact mattress I was looking for. I bought one of these in the 12 inch full when they were on sale:

Short story is I got married and then got relocated for work a few weeks later. The movers lost the mattress. Hubby had a nice queen bed with an old mattress, and that’s what we’ve slept on since (with two animals that usually sleep on the bed, the queen was a must anyway, I mean, honestly, I like sleep way more than cuddles at 3 am). We both miss the Simmons Curv badly, even if we appreciate more room on the bed. The images of the foam layers in this listing are the same as the Simmons mattress. The vendor representative is the same. The difference seems to be in the cover, and the firmness options. I am really looking forward to this thing arriving. I just hope the carrier brings it up the two flights of stairs instead of leaving it down on the first floor like they usually do.

So why was it shipped FedEx?

I signed up for UPS premium service so I could customize delivery to a date/time I could be there. Now not only have I wasted $40 for that, I have no control over when this will be delivered, which will be sometime tomorrow.

Will I have a 100 lb mattress outside my door waiting for me when I get home? Will I have to sign for it and try to be here another time? Will I have to try to round up a few people at the last minute to help me lug it up the stairs?

Bad form, manufacturer. Bad form.