Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Luxury Gel 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Price: $248.99 - 437.99
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Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
2/15/2016 - $299.99 - 449.9 - Click To See Discussion (72 comments)

We have one of these from a previous Wooting. While this one doesn’t mention the brand name, the pictures seem pretty clearly to be the same brand if not quite the same model — ours is slightly different in composition (6" high-density base foam, 3" comfort foam, 3" gel memory foam).

A year an a half later, and we’re very happy with it. The 3" of gel foam really keep the bed cooler than our previous mattress. Your mileage may vary, given that the composition is different.

One tip: We rotate the mattress almost every time we change the sheets. It starts to feel a little extra-giving after sleeping in the same positions for a week or two. But rotating is a piece of cake. This mattress weights practically nothing compared to a conventional mattress.


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


What happens if we buy it and don’t like it? How do we return it?

is the twin, a twin or a twin xl

Found what appears to be a previous listing with the same images and users representing the manufacturer so it’s likely the same or very similar.

Is there a trial period with free returns?

The Twin would be the Twin size, unfortunately we didn’t have any twin xl available for the deal.

Glad you like your mattress. Please note that this mattress is manufactured with our latest technology… next generation foams and build. This results in a more comfortable and durable mattress… you wouldn’t have to turn it.


on the 1-10 scale for firmness where does the plush and the medium fall ???

Where 1 is soft and 10 is firm… the plush would be about a 3 and the medium about a 6.


How should one go about choosing the firmness level for this mattress?

Who is the manufacturer? I don’t see it listed in the old posting either

How firm is “FIRM” ? Can I order Extra Firm ? What is your return policy ??. Thanks

what is the warranty on this mattress???

Will a medium queen work well on a adjustable base? Is it flexible enough and will it damage the foam?

Sorry but tat this price, we are unable to offer trial periods or free returns.

Warranty is linked at the bottom of the features. This has an 8 yr warranty.

Could you explain the Monty Hall problem for me please?

Dearest speculators of manufacture: please see this link

Its not the Simmons as previously theorized. It’s a bed in a box and I’m gonna get one and sleep on it and never look back.