Luxury Gel 12" Memory Foam Mattress

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Luxury Gel 12" Memory Foam Mattress
Price: $249.99 - 399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days. (Friday, Nov 11 to Monday, Nov 14) + transit
Condition: New


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This seems to be the exact same one we got a few months ago from Woot. It’s fantastic, and it does sleep cool. My furnace of a significant other is very happy with it.

Can’t speak to how long it will last, but it’s a very good mattress.

What is the firmness rating? Why is it significantly cheaper than so many other memory foam mattresses?

I’ve asked the vendor about the firmness, but I probably wont hear back till morning.

As for the price- we’re a daily deal website. We try to get good deals to shock and amaze our customers like you!

I sleep very hot and this mattress stays relatively cool even in the summer.
Now, it is definitely a bit warmer than the traditional styles but it is marginal. I have the 10" version which I bought 2.5 years ago through Woot and it has held up great.

One note about it, which I suppose is the nature of all foam mattresses actually, is that sitting on it, especially on the edge, is not very sustainable for long periods. With weight focused on one area it is too spongy to really support. Just a tip from me to you.

If you click on the Specs tab it says the density is

Gel Memory Foam Layer 3.5 lbs.
Air Flow Comfort Foam Layer 3 lbs.

I need a firm, so I guess comparing these specs to a firm is the way to go. Will have to do that later.

Who is the manufacturer? Is there any return/guarantee policy?

I am most concerned with how hot it sleeps. I live in humid central Florida.


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


The firmness rating of this mattress would be Medium.

Any options for expedited shipping? My dad wants to order but needs it by next Friday

Seems hard to buy a mattress on line without ever laying on it…
I definitely am looking to buy a memory foam mattress, but it seems like a risk… What is the return policy?

Bought this in 2014 when I re-married. Very satisfied. We both sleep very comfortably, it’s funny how it is much more solid in the winter time but softens up after a few minutes of being in bed.

When I first unwrapped it I let it air out in a bedroom with the door closed and all the windows open for a couple days, it had that “new chemicals” thing going on.

We went to a cheaper furniture store and found a $200 frame that it fits perfectly, or you could use it on top of a box spring/existing frame. It would NOT work on a traditional frame with no support under it. We have storage under the bed with nothing under the mattress and the slatted bedframe.

What is the actual brand name? I would like to find some real reviews online.

I’m also interested to know why the BRAND isn’t mentioned??

What area of the country are you in? I would expect it to be there by next Friday.

I looked at the warranty and from there it looks like this is the manufacturer:

And here are the brands listed on their website: (Home - Future Foam - Future Foam)

• ComforPedicTM from BeautyrestTM
• Comfort SolutionsTM
• Grand Hotel CollectionTM
• Lux ComfortTM
• Sleep Comfort

I purchased a very similar mattress that I believe to be from the same vendor almost 2 years ago. We have been pleased. We figured it was around the same price as a cheap mattress from a discount store and took the risk. We could put it on the guest bed and keep our old mattress if it awful :slight_smile:

My SO is a very moist sleeper and doesn’t have problems being over hot. I also have a water resistant mattress cover on it too. We also had a pet incident and I had to take the cover off to wash it, I was able to get it back on with help (due to the mattress weight).

We did have to air it out for about a week in another room but I’m super sensitive to smells. It also took us about a week to get use to it moving from a traditional coil spring.

fell hot all the time , not that great dont buy