Luxury Gel 14" Gel Memory Foam Mattress - 4 Sizes

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Luxury Gel 14" Gel Memory Foam Mattress - 4 Sizes
Price: $269.99 - 449.99
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Condition: New


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If this is like the previous offer, you’ll never know who the manufacturer is. You’ll also not get 15 years out of it.
I’ve had mine for less than 2 years and it’s dipped so bad in the middle I put pillows and blankets between the mattress and box spring. (Which I bought new).
It’s definitely comfortable for a few months. But you’ll be sorry in the end.
Good luck with the “warranty” lol


anyone else remember when woot! was awesome? me too.

This looks identical to the slumber solutions offered at the “O” although here it is a much better price. However, other retailers offer this in different firmness levels. Is there any way to tell which firmness level this model is? It isn’t stated in the specs.

FYI, the Novaform 14" mattresses will be $100 off at Costco starting next week. That makes the queen $399. I don’t know how it compares to these, but you can always return it to the store if you don’t like it.

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Happy shopping!

This would be considered to have a medium firmness rating.

Say what you will about this mattress, but I am VERY happy with mine. I bought mine last year to replace my $4500 Jameson that lasted less than 10 yrs. So far, 1 yr later, I cannot say enough good things about this mattress. Let’s say it only lasts another year and I have to buy a replacement next year for $450. It will take me 20 yrs to spend the same money I paid for my Jameson and I will have enjoyed the restfulness of 10 new mattresses in that same period of time. I am glad this offer is back. My son is buying one today as are several of my friends who know how much I love mine. I am even considering buying another one just to have a spare when this one does finally give out…

If you bought a $400 mattress and expected it to last 15 yrs and expected a warrantable item…then you are simply foolish. I bought mine last year with the expectation of replacing it each year with a new one…who can beat the comfort and hygiene of having a new mattress every year or two. Mine is still in such good shape I am excited to be getting a second year out of it. Understand what you are buying and don’t expect it to be something it is not…

What is the density of the foam? That’s the most important stat, and it’s conspicuously absent from the Stats tab.

I’ve posted this here before, but will post it again, because it’s still true! If this is like previous offers, the density will likely be 3 lbs or so – but with memory-foam mattresses you want density specs of 5 lbs or above. A mattress with less than that will no doubt feel good when you start sleeping on it (esp. if you’re new to memory foam), but it won’t be durable. All questions answered here:

It’s an amazing site – full of useful info. I used it extensively when buying my last mattress (I ended up going with latex, even though I’d owned and liked a memory-foam mattress in the past). See this link particularly:

Also, FYI, a standard box spring is not the best base for a memory foam or latex mattress. Read what Phoenix, the admin of the site above, has to say about the subject here:

Oops, just saw that the density is stated, but under Features – it’s 3.5 pounds. See my post above for explanations about why that’s low.

The Gel Memory Foam layer is 3.5# density
The comfort layer is 3# density
The base layer is 2# density, high ILD base foam

Any Gel Memory Foam mattress needs to be placed on a firm, supportive surface in order for optimal comfort. This would include most box springs or foundations that you would buy today. These are normally made of wood and are solid.

In the past, mattresses didn’t just have coils, but the box spring did as well (hence the name). Over the years, box springs have evolved into foundations with V shaped steel inserts with very little give. However, many people still call them box springs.

Foundations are ideal to be used with a memory foam mattress. Box springs (in the old sense of the word… coils and all can still be used, but it is not the best choice)

A long explanation, but I wanted to make sure everyone was clear about the box spring vs. foundation.

This Gel Memory Foam mattress can be used with any solid, firm surface.

What is the firmness level?

It would be Medium.

I’ve had the 12" version for 15 months. So far, so good.