Luxury Spa 6Pc Towel Set-6 colors

What is GSM?

These look really plush. If I hadn’t already invested in a lifetime supply of Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 725GSM 6Pc Towel Sets I’d be on this like white on rice.

I bought these few months back when they were $49.99. When they arrived they were not nearly as plush as I had expected, the edge stitching on one towel was already coming off. I thought no big deal, just have my mother sew it. Now after two washings, three out of the four large towels are all showing same thing. They are basically falling apart. These towels are very thin, and just feel very low quality. I really wish I had returned them and I would not recommend at all.

Thanks for the feedback; you just saved me from a disappointment!

Wow, thanks for the feedback. They sure look pretty in the picture. Thanks for your real-life experiences!

Thanks for this post. I was just getting ready to pull the trigger and get two sets when I thought I would check the comments although there were only 5 of them. Your review saved me some $$ for sure.

…really appreciate the comments… you just saved me money and a lot of frustration…

We also have 2 of the towels coming apart after 2 washings. We like the towels but expected much longer life than this! Can’t recommend.

Thanks for sharing. If I have learned anything from woot is that when they are selling a “$180” product for $39, you are really buying a $19 product.

I’ll add my thanks for your review. I don’t mind spending money and I love a great deal but if the value’s not there then it’s money wasted.

We should use this as a lesson. Why were we all ready to pull the trigger? Because of that tempting graphic of the $169 price crossed out and replaced with $39. If it showed a list price of $49, we would have said eh, and moved on. These are basic marketing tricks that really work, and we should all be aware of them so we dont fall victim like others in this forum did and end up with walmart quality towels.

Agreed…thanks for saving us the disappointment.

I wish I could find the link to the last time these were offered. My wife bought some last time around and after the VERY FIRST wash we saw colorfastness issues as well as stitches unraveling on two of the towels. Now I will say that Woot eventually took them back after she complained rather loudly, but I certainly wouldn’t invest in these if I was looking for towels again.

Who would want towels and not some washcloths as well??? FOUR bath towels and no wash cloths doesn’t make a bit of sense. Four washcloths and 2 of each type towels would have been the practical and realistic numbers.

Thanks - all ready to push the ‘too late’ button but thought I’d read the reviews just to check. Glad I did - sorry for your wasted expenditure but thanks to you we saved money because of your reviews.

I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I bought a set of the “Cashmere Gray” towels the last time they went on sale on sellout.woot, and I love them. Very plush and warm. Been washed twice and they are still soft and strong. Debating on buying another set so I have more than just one color.

Thanks to all that saved me 60+ bucks on these sub par towels! Love the Woot community.

The sad thing is that Woot used to have amazing deals, daily. Now, I see more deals that are “meh” and I spend my money elsewhere.

I had an issue with an order I was trying to place the other day, emailed, and I’ve gotten no response.

Holy Cow! You just became my best friend. I had 3 sets in my cart. Now I have Zip…