Luxury Totez Pet Carry Bag - 3 Sizes

I bought the medium size (brown) for my 12 lb dog. Buyer beware. It’s cheap in price because it’s a cheap piece of crap. The straps are not thick enough NOR are they padded NOR or adjustable so it cuts into your shoulder, causing pain. The way this carry bag is structured, the weight is not dispersed so you feel the full weight of your pet on that shoulder. I’m young and am in great shape—and it still caused back pain from using it just one evening. Moreover, the strap started to fray from the point where it is sown onto the bag. I wish I could return it but woot makes it such a hassle; if you want one, please contact me and you can have mine for free bc it’s just taking up space in my small apt. Don’t pay money for this piece of crap.