LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs


LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs


These bulbs are supposed to be able to tell the difference between the fixture being turned off at the switch and a power failure with the switch closed. I’ve tried them in two fixtures so far, and the battery backup kicks in a few seconds after turning the switch off. Maybe they’re only really useful for light fixtures that are always on. I’m curious if anyone has had better results. I’m going to try a few more fixtures just in case.


I’m having the same problem. Their website is not helpful, the email on their site bounces back and no one will answer their phones.

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Having the same problem. Turn it off at the lamp fixture socket, it works okay. Turn it off at the wall switch, bulbs kick in to the power-fail/battery-backup “ON” mode in a few seconds. (Thus you can’t turn them off at the wall switch consistently.) At roughly $2.50 per bulb for the 9watt/60-watt-equivalent, they’re cheap enough. At 800 lumens their a little less bright than my old CFL 13watt/60-watt equivalent bulbs that claim 900 lumens output. Their on-off switching logic is a bit vague and inconvenient (How does it distinguish between no-power due to outage vs. ‘switched-off’? Is it the difference in the electrically unbroken wiring run perhaps?) Since they can also double as the old “atomic light bulb” trick, in addition to being a useful emergency light, I can’t complain too much given the price.


Did not have the problems other users experienced (with bulbs not turning off). However…

Product features state:

  • 6 - 8 Hour Emergency Lighting
  • 20,000 Hour Lifetime
  • 5 Watts (40W Equivalent, 450 lumens) or 9 Watts (60W Equivalent, 700 lumens)

The boxes the bulbs are packed in state:

  • 4 - 5 Hour Emergency Lighting
  • 10,000 Hour Lifetime
  • 9 Watts (60W Equivalent, 800 lumens)

I purchased 8 of the 9W bulbs to replace similar LED bulbs (9W, 60W Equivalent, 800 lumens), but the new bulbs were noticeably dimmer. I loaded a lux light meter onto my phone and took readings from both bulbs about 5 feet from the source (directly underneath)… the old bulb being replaced measured nearly 3 times the output as the new bulb.

I called to return the order, full refund was issued.


I was wondering how the heck these things would know the difference between a power outage and the light switch off. From the comments it looks like it cant. Thanks!


For the bulbs to work in a power outage, the switch must be on. The bulbs look for three things. First if there is power, they work normally. If there is no power and the switch is off, then they are off. If there is no power and the switch is on and there are other things in the house on, they will light up. The bulb looks for a load between the neutral and hot wires during a power outage. If there is a load, then they light up, if there is not a load, then the “outage” is the switch is off. The holders simulate the load.


My guess is that to distinguish the difference between a power outage and a light switch in the off position, the neutral needs to be wired to the switch. In many older homes, only the hot wire runs through the switch.

This is the case that I have with some of my timers/LED light switches. Won’t work properly without a neutral.


Bought these the last time they were offered, and am pleased at their performance. We’ve yet to have an extended power outage, but they do work. The one’s I bought were 60-watt bulbs, and are weaker than the 75-watt bulbs we usually use, but they are fine. We have placed one in each room of our apartment, giving us plenty of coverage.

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Some of the bulbs do this. Try switching with another backup bulb. It seems that some of the bulbs will do this with certain light fixtures (I can’t use them in the lights on our ceiling fan). I also find that if you just leave the bulb alone it will eventually behave properly. I have one that intermittently will come on for a few minutes then go off.


must be in single bulb outlet…if in ceiling fan you usually have 3-4 bulbs, will not work there, will not work in recessed lighting because you have a strand of bulbs…

works great in single bulb lamps, all of our bedroom lamps now have these, and above out bathroom toilets we have single bulbs on a switch, works great there.
and even more fun, put one in your mouth and it lites up, amuses the grandkids:>

I love these bulbs already, have them in my house my daughters house and our business

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Good idea but only works on lamp-type lights with power switches. Useless on overhead and / or bathroom lighting.


Don’t buy these ! 3 of the 8 bulbs didn’t work. I’m guessing that these are discounted because they are old and the batteries are wearing down.


The support number on their warranty site has been disconnected (800-585-0801.). RUN AWAY from this !


Same issue here.