LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs

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LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs
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Why is it when I click on “Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty” I get a page where I see “1 year Warranty Policy”?

Which is it, 5 years or 1 year?

I found an informative review - Smartcharge Smart Bulb Review - one problem.

Totally different bulb, and a totally different brand.

Are these lights rechargeable or is the battery replaceable when it is dead?

So what happens when the bulbs are in not powered sockets? That is, you turn the light switch off. How does the bulb know not to exhaust it’s battery?

Watch the video. Internal battery recharges when the power comes back on. Looks like a AA style battery.

How does the light turn on when running in battery? I assume it doesn’t recognize when you flip the switch

Wait, according to the video it does work through the switch. Now how does that work?

True - but my bet is that the cons mentioned in the review (mainly that it really only works when you have a single bulb on the switch) very well could apply to this bulb as well.

One stat that is missing is the color temperature of the LEDs, unless I’ve overlooked that.

I am curious how the switch works without the bulb thinking the power’s out. I suspect it has got to do with measuring the impedance of the connected wiring.

Although it doesn’t explain it, I think I know how it works. When it loses power, the bulb probably does a quick test on the feed supply line. It has no power, but it looks for resistance* in the line, ie another load (bulb, refrigerator, tv, whatever) trying to draw power. If it doesn’t find one, it assumes it has been switched off (disconnected from your house grid) and stays off. If it sees a load, it assumes power failure and kicks in on its battery. Neat idea.

But some reviewers say the wall switch still works to turn the light off and on when the power is out, and that’s harder to explain. Probably watching feed line capacitance?

As for color temperature, hit the Select dropdown on the main page and it gives you a choice of temps.

If you hit the dropdown menu for which bulbs you want to buy, the color temperatures are listed. For the Daylight, it’s 5000K, for the Soft White, it’s 3000k.

I’m going to buy an extra pack just so I have a spare to sacrifice to figure out how it works.

You’re partially right in the sense that it is all about resistance. Any electrical light circuit is essentially a loop that is broken/interrupted by the switch. So, if the electricity to the bulb is cut either by the switch or the power going out, the bulb can do a resistance check between its two lines of the circuit. If there is infinite resistance, the circuit is broken and it must be (at least) that the switch is off. If it tests and the resistance is much, much lower than infinity then there is an intact loop and the fact that it is not getting power lets it know that the power is out but the switch is on and that it is it’s time to shine!


Yes, when the power is out you still use your wall switch just as you normally would. I got these last year and for this price they are worth a try but I’ve had 2 of them already fail on me. They started blinking when turned on until all they did was blink. Now one of those failures was in the humid bathroom so I can’t fault them for that one but one also failed in the bedroom. Still worth a shot. When the power goes out and you still have lights it’s a great feeling.

Does this include the cap hanger as shown but not mentioned in the stats

I purchased these (20+ units) before they were on Woot! and ended up returning them all. I worked with customer service for several hours and came to the conclusion that they will only work in a single bulb fixture, with no other devices or lights on the circuit.

It does work by detecting the resistance on the line and can tell the difference between a power outage and the switch being turned off.

Great if you have a single bulb lamp or light fixture but don’t expect them to work on any type of multi-bulb or multi-lamp situation.

I have these lights and this brand, much higher quality than others paid 4 times this price
they do work great and are used daily with no issues, I tested them by flipping circuit breaker and they do work. Now I just need a natural disaster and I am ready!