LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs

On the lyfelite site they say that a 4 pack “includes 2 caps”. No explanation of what a cap is though.

Thanks for pointing out the bulb color temp in the pulldown.

Yes! With this 8-pack of bulbs you will receive 4 hook hangers.

The warranty on these is in fact one year. The sale has been updated to reflect this. Thanks!

So, final question = If the lamp switch is normally turned off how does the internal battery charge to be ready to power the lamp when the power actually goes off? Do you have to keep the lamp switch on 24/7 so the internal backup battery is fully charged? Cant believe the battery charges when th power switch is off?

6-8 hours for a full charge, then you should use it 1-2 hours a week to keep it charged and ready.

Do these bulbs come individually packaged? I’m hoping to break up the pack and give some away as gifts and ‘they’ don’t need all 8 but could also use a few of each wattage.

So does this mean they will not work in a ceiling fan or in a light fixture that has multiple bulbs?

The circuit is from the breaker to the lamp. Would this work in a bathroom light which is on the same breaker as other lights? Does this require a dedicated breaker and circuit for each bulb?

I do not own one of these, but based on the descriptions of how they work, I’d say that it’s one bulb per switch. If you have a lighting fixture with more than one bulb, or multiple lighting fixtures controlled by a single switch, that’s where you’ll have problems. I’m fairly confident that it’s not one per breaker. If someone has one or knows differently, please correct me if I’m incorrect.

This cheesy commercial suggests that they will work as in a fixture with multiple bulbs if all the bulbs are lyfelite.

Do these work in a light fixture controlled by Amazon echo?

They do, however the fixture controlled by Amazon echo needs power to turn on, so you won’t be able to turn it on with your voice but you should be able to flip the switch as you would the old fashioned way.

I do find it interesting that the manufacturer’s website has no information whatsoever about the 9 watt version of the bulb.

I have Amazon Prime but when I click on Learn More and log into Amazon it removes the order from my cart and STILL wants to charge me $5.00 for shipping. How do Amazon Prime customers get free shipping???

I wasn’t sure if this video was safe for work at first. A delivery guy offering to help screw in a light bulb…

Well, looks like WOOT should fix their Amazon Prime login. I ended up missing out on this because I couldn’t get the free shipping to kick in. uggggg Anyone over at Woot listening?

I bought 3 of these sets and placed it on my Amazon card. So at this end, I did check out. Then this morning I checked for a confirmation and nothing. When I checked on this website, I got this message stating I did not check out and the item sold out.

Hope these work as described. But if you’re looking for light, these don’t give out much. Looks more like 25 watt equivalent than 40.

I ordered 2 of the 9W ones.
These are not bright at all.
Maybe 40w replacements. Extremely unimpressed… I got some 5w LED bulbs elsewhere that were marked as 650 lumens and they are almost twice as bright as these (supposedly) 800 lumen ones.