LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs

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LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs
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Just curious… the last time around - - you stated that the 9 watt bulb was a 75 watt equivalent. Here you say that it is a 60 watt equivalent. So… which one is which? Thanks.

I am buying these so I can be Shemp Howard on Halloween. There is absolutely no other reason.

I got the 9w ones last time. they are very dim. probably close to a 40w replacement. nowhere near the 60 or 75 it used to claim.

Last time around I got the 5 watt ones. More like freaking night lights! Thanks for this… I’ll be sure not to get this set!

So if I turn the light switch off, do they they stay on…?

If it in a multi-light fixture and you have a regular bulb in one of the sockets, yes. If it is alone, no.

Picked up the 9w ones last time. No way they are equal to 60w bulbs, more like 40’s. A couple come on when the switch is turned off no matter what, other bulbs work just fine in the same lamps. Every time I lose power they do NOT come on (been having bad storms around me). I must remove them from the outlet and use the little “socket” adapter to get them to turn on.

Overall, great idea, horrible execution. Would never recommend these.

So how does it know where no power is coming from? Do I need to turn off the light sw 8 hrs in advance so it turns off on time? :slight_smile:

According to my electrician friend who owns these, no. They function like normal light bulbs. The circuitry recognized the difference between an open circuit (switch off) and a closed circuit with more power. He has the 60 watt equivalents and I have used them when we were on a camping trip. I’ve been waiting 2 months for these to show up again.

So what are the watts? Not stated in the specs

You didn’t see this: “9 Watts (60W Equivalent, 700 lumens)”?

If you zoom in on the picture it says 5watts

AND the pictures have the wrong color temp listed as well!

Woot must be short staffed. No one seems to be checking if the pics match the descriptions.

I’d ask for clarification, but since these seem to be a pretty lousy product I won’t bother and will just stick to flash lights.

The crucial thing to know is that to work like regular light bulb with battery backup that turns on/off with the lamp or wall switch with/without power, the lamp must have a single LyfeLight bulb and no other bulbs, downstream from the switch.

The electronics in the bulb has to use/charge/sense the 120v AC from mains to turn on from electricity. And it has to be able to sense the impedence differential from a circuit lacking power and the switch is turned on, extending the length of the hot wire.

Being this dim, as others have commented, here in america we are more likely to use multiple low wattage or single higher wattage bulbs in our lamps to provide the lumens we are used to. That makes them not as functional in our homes.

bought these last time offered, but was very disappointed that the small device to plug in did not work. there were 2 in my box & only 1 worked which I had gifted to a sibling.

If I put one in a lamp and unplugged the lamp, then the light would come on? I think that is what I am reading in these comments.

No. That would likely be seen as a simple open switch. If you turned off the main breaker it should come on.