LyfeLite Battery Backup Emergency LED Bulbs

I bought these the last time there was a deal on them. I think it was last month. I ordered the daylight bulbs, but when they arrived, I received the soft white. I don’t have a soft white bulb in my home, they are all daylights. When I went to double check my order once I received them, sure enough, they were listed as soft white. So, they are totally useless for me. I was tempted again this time to order them in the daylight bulbs, but afraid I might get the soft white again. I have the 49 watt version of these bulbs from a previous order, and at the time, wished they did have a 60 watt, so when I saw the 60’s, I went for it. But the soft white don’t put out as much light as the 40’s daylight. Like I said, they are useless for me. If I order them this time, will I receive the daylights?

I assume you contacted woot support and demanded them to ship you the correct item, yes?