Lynx 10-Piece Home Cleaning Tool Set

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Lynx 10-Piece Home Cleaning Tool Set
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New


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Product Page with Video

Love this item! Brilliant idea!

Looks like a lot of reviews in Amazon are not authentic

I looked on Amazon and the as-seen-on-tv website for this product, but do not see anywhere to get replacement mop heads (surely the sponge won’t last forever).

I would like this info , also…especially if a special one is necessary (nonproprietary?).

I don’t see a dustpan. That’s kind of essential. Am I blind?

Just sweep under nearest rug.

Great idea but will need the replacement mop and brush. Hope they don’t cost to much if I could find them.

The bottom of the dock has a slide-out dustpan =)

Spoke to their customer service, they stopped selling this product 3 weeks ago. I’m going to buy 2 sets keep one as a spare.

Hmm, pretty low reviews on the web.

I totally agree with since NONE of reviews shows the tag “Verified Purchase” from Amazon, which is ALWAYS included when you review something you bought from them.

Note that when looking at reviews there is a button to “filter” reviews and when you set it to verified purchases only there are NO REVIEWS!

So no one who bought this from Amazon has ever reviewed it? That seems quite odd (unbelieveable).

Does anyone know if this is programmable to sweep the floor every day at a set time?

The vendor said the replacement mop heads can be generic (like the kind you buy at the grocery store or Target with the Velcro on top).

Does anyone know if normal swiffer dry/wet cloths fit this?

Yes, but the time can only be set for 3:30 am and instead of cleaning, it just plays a loud vuvuzela sound while it sprays a new layer of dust onto your furniture.

I believe the question was about the sponge attachment and not the Swiffer-like pads.