Lynx Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I bought two of these for myself and two more for other people. These are fantastic. They’re loud for such small units, they’re sturdy, no lags in the bluetooth connection, good sound quality, can’t say enough about them. Nice grippy silicone casing too. Don’t buy a $70 jawbone speaker, buy this guy for $13.

I bought one a while back and agree, they sound impressive for their size and price, but the battery life is terrible!

I bought a 10’ usb cable and keep one plugged in pretty constantly. The battery life isn’t great overall. I’m glad I kept 2 so I can bring two batteries with me to things like tailgate.

I just can’t see playing Rush’s 2112 through a bright pink or yellow speaker. Black Maybe.

I’m with martmann4, 2112 through bright yellow?? Not happening, but nice choice in music!

I bought a yellow a while back and it is not even worth $12. The battery doesn’t even fit well enough to stay charged and the sound was awful. I threw it away after a week of trying to make it work or sounds well. Stay away!

2112 sounds great through ANYTHING! Good to see there is a Rush fan on staff. :slight_smile:

2112 sounds great through ANYTHING! Good to see there is a Rush fan on staff. :slight_smile:

They had black and I think camo before. You missed out :wink:

I bought one of these last time and love it! Great sound and it pairs easily with my iPhone and iPad. The battery life isn’t great but it’ll get you from dinner til bedtime.

Yea I bought one and its yet another woot purchase DEAD ON ARRIVAL with the hokey power connector issue several other speakers had. So no you wont get a recommendation from me on this POS or manufacturer.
Is this the last woot for me? maybe. I stopped referring people when the last family members first woot (TV) was DEAD ON ARRIVAL. That was their first and last woot.

I’m sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I did and received the reply. Thank you for that. Odd that there are no units for replacement, but they are still listed as available here which is a bummer because I like the form factor and have read some good ratings on sound. Honestly though if they all have the janky power connector I guess I’ll continue my quest for a decent <$20 bluetooth speaker.

Bonus! The rechargeable battery is easily swapped out using a phone battery, the Nokia BL-5CB. That makes this speaker almost unique and assures you’ll never have a battery you can’t recharge. In addition, most replacement batteries have a higher capacity than the original battery.

Ordered Monday, received yesterday. At this price I figured, why not ? Definitely exceeded my expectations. So what if it’s yellow ? Doesn’t stop me from flawlessly streaming Megadeth from the ipad. If you’re on the fence like I was, jump on over and purchase. \m/

I’ve been wondering about whether I could find a cell phone battery to fit it since it looks like a cell phone battery. I’ll have to look into that. Great find!

  1. can the speaker be used while plugged in?

  2. can the speaker be used with the battery removed (while plugged in, obviously)?

I may just pick one up for shop/garage use, but only if one of the two of these is a ‘yes’. Thanks!

It can be used while plugged in charging, both playing by bluetooth and playing by cable input. I haven’t tried playing with no battery, and mine is at the office so I won’t be able to try before Monday, and by that time this sale will be over.

Thank you! I prefer to remove rechargeable batteries from devices I keep plugged in, just to keep the battery from becoming useless. If it won’t work with the battery out, no big deal. My primary concern was whether it would work while plugged in/charging. Thanks for the reply!