Lyon by Washburn Acoustic Guitar Buyers & Fans

I got mine from Woot, I love it. what do you think about it for a beginners guitar?

I found these videos helpful.

Got mine as a present about 6 months ago. Was on ultra-clearance at Target for about $20. Came with a tuner built into the body of the guitar. Nice package.

The good: cheap, nice sounding, holds a tune FOREVER, and comfortable.
The bad: action is very high (strings far away from the fretboard) so if you are a beginner, playing for more than 15 minutes can HURT. And hard to do bar chords on since you have to press real hard.

Overall, a nice value, but I’d say it’s more for someone who already knows how to play, but wants an acoustic to compliment an electric. But for the price, can’t beat it.

Has anyone had an issue of the inside support structure breaking? the reinforcment bridge broke inside mine .The one to the right below the hole. Rare occurrence or what? haven’t dropped it since opening.