Lyon by Washburn Electric Guitar with 5 Watt Amp and Instructional DVD


Rock your FACE off!!!

wish this was a Fender Stratocaster instead


Its no guitar hero!

i suppose the acoustic from the other night’s sellout is coming soon too


birdie told me that the action on these is sooo good that you can fit a deck of cards between the 12th fret and strings

The unplugged edition of the Lyon guitar by Washburn is the DeLonghi Multipositional Ceramic Heater! Wow… now that’s versatility in instruments. Ceramic heater = guitar!

Everyone stand back, I am going to crank up my 5 watt amp to 1.1

This won’t work with the "guitar hero " game will it ???

Acoustic at sellout…WRONG???

This piece of carp guranteed to turn your budding musician away from playing the guitar forever.

Oh no! Woot-off Killer?

well good morning boys!! I am back you enjoy all you beautiful people again today lmao (hi girls too)

Woot, you bring tears to my eyes, tears of pain and sadness. You have become so automated, what happened to what we had?!

there is a heater on sellout woot >:|

Did any of you get one of these last week? Hubby started to buy it for the 14 yr.old. I was wondering if it was any good?

liars - it’s a space heater at sellout.woot!
golly - couldn’t they have made a new picture?

buy 3!