Lysol No-Touch Automatic Soap Dispenser

Lysol No-Touch Automatic Soap Dispenser

Does anyone know if this includes the actual soap dispenser? I know the photo says so. But I would hate to buy this and no soap.

Mine arrived today. It was the older style, and no soap was included.

I received mine today, & it is just the dispenser, no soap or even an empty bottle for that matter:( I feel like I got got. The pic clearly shows a bottle attached to the dispenser. I shoulda read the description better…

Sorry to hear. That’s the problem with these things. I love them. But you cannot find the soap dispensers.

This does not come with the soap refill as stated. It is completely worthless without the soap refill unless you already have one. The soap refills are not manufactured any more. This is false advertising as the Woot ad says it comes with a soap refill. I informed them of this misrepresentation 4 days ago and they have done nothing.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem with this sale. I just alerted the people that run our clearance items so they can take it down.

Make sure you contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I found a sale awhile back and stocked up on soap refills, so I bought a dispenser before it was removed.
They can be refilled with soap.

Edit to add, the soap is still available online.

Well mine arrived without the soap and woot send me another … without the soap too! So I have two of these dispensers.

Well - I am not going to ask for a third one. It won’t be fair to woot .

In the process of buying the refills … these things are EXPENSIVE! I mean you are talking about $20 for one 8.5 fl.oz. of soap. Whatever I posted below is the cheapest thing I can find in eBay.

It’s f**king highway robbery. Lysol’s fault. No wonder one of the poster shared how to reuse the refill container. Also, eBay sells “transfer kits” for these refill container too. This is an example …

Well - that’s also another highway robbery too! Only $8 for plastic that is worth … not even 25 cents IMO. OK toss in $3 bucks for the cost of mail, $1.20 that eBay will charge for the sale and another 35 cents for PayPal. Seller pockets a neat $3 … may not not so bad. But still … now for one dispenser a person is down $8 + $20 + $8 = $36! (Or I try to crack open the refill container.)

Next time, I am going to do my research before I push the buy button. I am only going to use one so I don’t have to buy 2 refills … that would be like $40! The 2nd one would be a backup in case the first one breaks.

And no - I won’t buy another - ever!

Good share. Those refills are close to $20 a pop now. Talking about being robbed! Thanks!