Lytro ILLUM Light Field Digital Camera

if this was about 50% cheaper then I would give it a shot. At most I think that it is a novelty but it would be fun to play with. Not at $699 though.

Everything I’ve read says this lets you do amazing things with incredibly mediocre quality photographs. Spent all the money on software and jammed it into a crummy camera.

Pretty much that. I just can’t justify spending that kind of money right now.

I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for this languishing piece of technology. I bought the 1st generation camera in a Woot some time ago, and basically hated it until I spent the time to use their latest software. Hmm, maybe not so bad even though the resolution on the camera is awful. A lightfield camera definitely requires a rethink of how you take a picture, the composition, and depth of field if you want any decent results. At this price, I’m willing to try the gen 2.

Oh my, I opened the box, and this is the full retail camera. I just saved a ton of money, and I didn’t have to buy crummy car insurance from a lizard.