Lytro ILLUM Light Field Digital Camera

Awww, come-on now Woot! This is a great product (Woot! is known for that), kinda niche (Woot! is really known for that, too… that’s why so many of us hang around here like vultures) and discontinued (Woot! finds 'em when we can’t!). So the current retail price is waaaaay down from the original list price, which is probably why you can find these in so many fire-sales now. But $300?

Woot! had them earlier for $239 (refurbished) and $269 (factory refurbished) earlier this year Even Wikibuy lists them for $269, which is new, I suspect. I mean, maybe these are ***BRAND NEW!***, but even the earlier Woot! versions came in factory-packaging and were indistinguishable from new. Mine came with factory-supplied-looking screen protectors & in factory-supplied retail packaging, even.

What gives? A HIGHER price for a (now) older discontinued product? I KNOW you guys can do better than that!

ebay has them for $269.

$99 and you got a deal. A solution looking for a problem. I’ll put it next to my 3D camera that needs a TV and shuttered glasses I don’t own.

Now if you had a cheap Sigma with the Foveon sensor…well, that would be different.

I mean, you and I have mumbled about Lytro’s cameras for years, John, but it isn’t a solution in search of a problem, it’s that you don’t have these problems. Art installations, sculpture, theater directors looking for blocking issues… they all get why this camera exists. If you don’t, that’s great! Keep not buying it yet again. But pretending there’s no use for it, well, you are just showing what you don’t get. When one sculptor asked me to shoot his work with it, he was really excited that “there’s finally a camera that puts people into my works the way they could only see in person.” If you just shrug and say “this is a niche I’m not part of,” we all win.

“This is a niche I’m not part of.”

Too bad they were trying to be a mass-market product. But there is an emerging class of boutique cameras with pricey resurrected lens designs, so there is certainly room for this one. I just wonder of Woot! is the right venue for selling them.

I have many cameras that were once in the $300 range that are several years old. They are 8-10 MP and have true optical viewfinders (my niche of choice!). They now sell for $8-$30 dollars. These are Canon Powershots and some Sonys with great lenses. An “old” digital camera, even when perfectly usable for many things, just falls out of the market so fast.

So I’ll wait a bit longer and see where these end up.

I do appreciate the uses you mentioned. I thought photojournalists would snap them up.

The sad part of all this is that these cameras originally retailed for $1200…

And had it been a hit, it would stayed up there, just like many Macs. But sadly for them, it wasn’t.

I’ve been watching these for a while, and bought the lower-end camera. I love the effect, but here’s the thing: No proprietary format is suitable for images worth keeping.

Lytro’s attempt to build a social media channel and emprire? Bzzzzt.
Lytro’s mac-only software? Bzzzzt.
Lytro’s shaky win version when they stooped to that level, without options to extract the layered/vector data to a more portable format? Bzzzzt.

I found some open-source tools that allow picture extraction and viewing, but I’m not sure what’s stable and recent for Linux or Windows. Ideally I could store the image viewing/manipulating tools on the same media as the image data…

Any opinions? Good tools? Recent changes? Google tells me a bit, but doesn’t give me advice/opinions on what works well among the options.

I hear you. I’ve got a couple of oddballs that use serial ports. Oops.

Here’s the problem: there are only six of us interested in this camera, and I’m not that interested…

Eventually these will drop to $99… then I’ll buy one.

I have the first generation Lytro and use it quite a bit but it’s really a niche camera in my opinion.

I own both the original Lytro lightfield cam, and the Illum. I can tell you the Illum is a huge leap forward from the original and is better in every way. Also the current (Version 5) of the Lytro Desktop software runs just fine on Windows. I have it on a Windows 10 system and it works great. The only odd thing is that the download from Lytro identifies the installer file as Version 4, but it is actually Version 5. Lots of export options and incredibly versatile. I absolutely love the Illum and use it for both personal and light professional use.
Fun Fact: I’ve been begging TT to include Lytro accessories in my BOCs for the last couple of years!

Cameras are moving in so many direction now that it’s hard to pick one unless you really define your needs. What do you shoot with this camera?

I purchased one of these cameras and the flash attachment. I am not a professional photographer so my standards regarding a camera are not minimally at that level. I could careless about the fine points of hardware when it comes to speed, sound, and pixel quality. Much of these concerns are fine points that allow one user to reinforce their intellectual superiority over another. There is a learning curve on these cameras. I like it and I’m glad I bought it. I do not know if the camera has been discontinued or not. However, I do know that the desktop software has been upgraded and so has their training software. Their website still promotes it and it has also been upgraded. I have called them a couple of time and their support was excellent. If you can buy it for less go ahead and do so. If you think the price is eventually going to drop to $99 go ahead and wait. I got it at a reasonable price two years ago. While you’ve waited I have gotten two years of enjoyment out of it and I’ll have additional years of enjoyment while you wait. Some thoughts from a non-professional.

Hi Guys,

I just got my LYTRO. All my exported images (JPG) are at 300kb site. All the reviews it could be up to 4MB. Can someone tell me how I can do that?

I am using Window desktop app right now.