Lytro Light Field Camera Bundles - 4 Colors

Lytro, you are stuck with a aging version 1.0 product that few want.

Cut your losses and dump’em for $29.95.

Even the batteries are getting old enough (used or new) that I would start being concerned.

Bought one on the last go-around and can’t figure out how to use the darn thing. The instructional videos on the company site are for a much fancier model. Decide how much you want to have to play around and figure it out for yourself before buying one!

These sold for $399 in 2012, interesting technology, would be fun at Wootprice to have as an extra little camera to play with just for the focusing effects. I like that you can change the focus long after the picture has been taken.
Still has a lot of limitations in this early model, but I bet the same critiques were made about original PONG or Atari products. This piece could very well end up being a sought after classic!

Or not.

They retail from the manufacturer for $149.99(8gb) and $199.99(16gb).

Wishful thinking.