Lytro Light Field Digital Cam w/ Sleeve & Charger

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Lytro Light Field Digital Cam w/ Sleeve & Charger
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Review fromcnet and Engadget

Very curious about these…

Check out this “good” review over at cnet and check out this review over at

Something tells me that these might end up in a couple of BoC.

Whoa!!! I thought these were still in the conceptual stages! I had no idea they were actually released 2 years ago! o_O

So pretty. So hipster. Want.

Here’s an interesting technical presentation about Lytro:

What the inside of a Lytro looks like.

Some interactive sample photos.

Bought one of these a few months ago. It’s fun and interesting, but… As much as I try to find a way to like each weird device for the things it’s good at, my opinion is kinda meh.

Pro: Does what it says on the tin. Seriously cool tech, implemented well for a first gen device. There are a few utilities out there to fake the same effect with a std digital cam by taking a series of pics at varying focus, but the underlying data is not comparable to Lytro’s vector-per-pixel “light field” data. Especially if you take a picture with the Lytro of subjects at varying distance, the ability to refocus or shift perspective slightly based on light vectors is really cool.
… Also, contrary to some reviews it is actually quite good in low light. I was asked to do photography at my son’s first high school dance, so I used this as a no-flash unobtrusive second camera, and the pictures were surprisingly clear even with movement in low light. While the pixel count is low, I would compare the clarity as roughly on-par with what I could get with a 50mm/f1.7 lens + aps-c sensor without a flash.

Con: Proprietary format. Single app for viewing. Unhelpful hipster company trying to launch their own social site based on format lock-in. Windows support is adequate at best, OSX support only marginally better. Linux tools are out there, and quite good, but not remotely novice-friendly. While the kids love using it, they find the app mess a hassle. Unless something radically changes, in few years these pics will surely be in the “how the heck to you view that format” pile.

Verdict: I’m keeping mine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to my mom, and the kids lost interest quickly.

Why do these keep showing up in electronics Woot; did somebody manufacture too many and not know what to do with them all?

Really helpful review, thanks!

I keep looking at these every time they come up on Woot- they just seem so cool. But I haven’t yet thought of a real purpose to them.

So two questions: first, as to your image format comments, does their software allow you to export a single-focus image, and/or an animated .gif or video file? I’d sort of assumed that was the usual end product… I take it that’s not the case?

Second, your low-light experience is very interesting. Given that, what about high-speed captures? In bright sunlight, do you find similar performance, so you can use a very fast shutter rate?

The one application I can think of for the hobby photos I do is to capture birds in flight. Those can be very hard to focus without a very fast lens and super wide FOV, and that wide FOV can be uninteresting against some backgrounds. I keep wondering if you might be able to use this to get a shot, and then refocus it after the fact to the FOV and center of focus that you really wanted.

Based on your experience, would something like that work?

Can you export your focused images into a standard 2D format?

Are you forever locked into using a company’s site to play with photos?

No idependent viewer for your PC or Mac?

Wanted one of these when they first came out a while ago but they were very pricey and then forgot about them.
Two woot sales ago I bought one here. The device is a hefty, well made solid piece of engineering. Very cute and definitely gets a lot of attention. But overall I’m underwhelmed. I keep it in my camera bag but I use it rarely to never. When I want a photo and have no camera handy, I use my phone. My phone is slim and this is bulky.

The case fits so tight that the lens cap keeps getting stuck in it if you put the camera in the case lens cap first, and it falls off if you put it rear end first. Ho-hum. $150 very pretty paper weight.

What’s the packaging on these? It’s a gift, so I’ll pay more somewhere else for a nice retail box if need be.

I don’t check woot daily anymore, but every time I do these things are on here. Makes me wonder how many Woot purchased, and how they came up with so many refurbs if it is a good product.

It’s not Earth-shattering, but it’s fun. (I like mine enough to be thinking of giving another as a gift.) At this price point, I don’t know of any other techno gadget that is as interesting and eye-catching. This isn’t something you’re going to use forever, but it is something you’ll be talking about years from now. Think of it like the XBAND for Super Nintendo, or the Apple Newton. Or, more recently, a Flip Video camera or portable DVD player. Already on the verge of obsolescence by the time you get one, but a fun conversation piece for a little while. Nobody REALLY wants to see your vacation photos anyway; might as well have fun making them.

This is a fun gadget for a few days. I picked one up on the last Woot sale, and used it for 2-3 days, then forgot about it.

I found the image quality to be pretty low compared to even my iPhone 5’s camera.

Also, having to use their proprietary software to export to a standard 2D image is a pain, especially since the software is slow and buggy.

I wouldn’t recommend this, unless you have $100 you’re just dying to burn up on some new tech toy.

That’s a perfect example of what I was talking about - Sure, an iPhone 5 takes better pictures. An iPhone 5 also costs $500, and nobody will ever walk up and marvel at it. Nobody’s going to be sitting around 20 years from now saying “Remember those great photos the iPhone 5 used to take?”

I bought one of these on the last woot-around… I like it, but I wouldn’t call it ‘useful’. More an interesting gadget/toy. It won’t function in place of a regular camera, but the results are pretty interesting.

Yes, the software allows you to export easily to a single-focus jpg image. File-Export-Save, like that.

silalus, I don’t know about your birds-in-flight project. I don’t think it can do video at all. It seems that the post-focusing would make that a good application, but I think other limitations of the camera may foil you. The resolution is pretty low, and especially, the field of view is very narrow.

You don’t have to go to their website to use the software, it’s independent on the PC. But it hides the native pictures away in some opaque library. The software is weird and buggy, but it doesn’t get in the way very much if you just, like me, want to take some pictures and export a few.

The sleeve is an engineering joke; I threw it away almost immediately.

I’ve taken a few hundred pictures with this thing, and thrown most of them away. But I’ve gotten about four really neat ones, and I’m still playing with it.