Lytro Light Field Digital Camera with Sleeve

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Lytro Light Field Digital Camera with Sleeve
Price: $84.99 - 114.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Engadget

When this came out 2.5 years ago, I paid full retail ($400).
Most reviews include the word “toy” because it kinda is. Definitely not a serious camera in any way. There is a wonderful “Wow!” factor the first time you “re-focus” an image you’ve taken. Unfortunately, since the pics are a lousy 1 megapixel
(Lytro has finally improved this a bit…
if you’ll fork over $1,600 for their “Illium”!)
the camera suffers from a Catch 22:
A) To do the only thing the camera is good at, you need something close, and something significantly farther back…&
B) Anything farther back in a 1 meg. picture will absolutely not be sharp.
Also, the viewfinder is virtually useless on a bright, sunny day: you just guess…point the camera in the general direction and hope what you want in frame is in frame.

So, it is a total fail at full price.
But is this “toy” worth 100 bucks?

Maybe. Unless 100 bucks is important to you.

Thanks! This review was incredibly helpful and assisted me with my current decision whether or not to buy.

Two and a half year old tech, refurb, 1 megapixel image = time to drop the price to $59.95 and get rid of them.

He’s 100% right. I got one for 185 on eBay. I sold it about 3 weeks later. Nothing was ever sharp.

Thank you, EcoChick :slight_smile:

Bought it from woot a few months ago, and returned it. The pictures were so blurry. It’s embarrassing they are still selling this half baked product.

For what its worth this late:

I’ve owned a lytro for about a year now- paid about $100 for it used.

Love it! The low megapixel count is rough… especially if your looking to do some high end Photoshop work. For the most part though, megapixels are overrated. This camera has easily become my go-to travel camera.

You won’t be able to see the refocus ability, but to give you a general idea of what the lytro can do in the hands of a wooter- check out the pictures I took with it at

Really? You find this more convenient and useful than a traditional digital camera, compact zoom, or DSLR?

I can’t imagine trying to compose decent shots in this “viewfinder” of anything other than a garden gnome and a bridge in the background.

If these things are so cool, why is it almost three years later and a 20MP Sony camera is $79.95 and this thing is $100?

Thank you for your review. You just saved me 100 bucks!