Lytro Light Field Digital Camera

Have been wanting to play with one of these for awhile. Looking forward to receiving this…

So far, this is the lamest install I’ve had in awhile. Still not there. Anybody else experience this? Oh well, I tried a few tricks but Windows 10 is reporting that Lytro is incompatible. Did I miss this in the description? I’ll never order 3 of anything again if I can’t get this rectified. This is a disappointment. Bought them as surprise birthday gifts. “Surprise! They won’t work with your PC. Surprise!”

Lytro site says that Desktop 4 works with 64-bit Windows 10. There’s more on requirements on that page. It might be the graphics hardware.

Mine arrived “dead”. Waiting for it to charge fully… been several hours and still reporting battery is “empty”. At least it’s powering on now as it wouldn’t even do that earlier.

As for Windows 10, I have Desktop 4 installed (downloaded from website)and it works with Win 10 Pro but haven’t had a chance to try with the camera yet.

BTW- mine arrived in soiled, worn box. Good thing I hadn’t expected to give as a gift because it looked like it came off the shelf at a thrift store.

Follow any instructions for the first charge. Some require a full 12-24 hr charge if the battery is completely drained.

if that doesn’t work, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Plan to leave it charging overnight. Thanks.

Charged fine after reset.