Lytro Light Field Digital Cameras & BONUS

Why two different prices, is it just for the color?

Never mind, red one didn’t say 16gb, blue one does

8GB vs 16GB. Titles have been changed to make that more obvious. Our bad.

What is the bonus?

per the Features/Specs tab:

Camera Sleeve & Fast Charger

Here’s a review from DPReview from 2012. I watched the video and then jumped to the conclusion. The short version is that they thought it wasn’t ready for prime time due to image resolution and lack of user controls for things like white balance, etc.

At the original $500 price tag I have to agree, but for the price offered here I think it is a cool toy to play with. I’m getting one of the 16 GB models with a Square Trade agreement just in case the refurbishment turns out to be less than ideal.

I’m waiting for $69.95