M&A Technology Companion PC

companion cube!

omg crap bulky netbook!!


Shouldn’t this be at kids.woot?

nap time

Now that’s a crappy netbook.

If they actually sold a companion cube I would totally buy it

Wow, that is a stinker.

hmmmm, never heard of them ever!

Here is the manufacturers website with the specs.


For $19.95, I’m in for 3.

I’m fairly certain my kid would fall to the floor laughing if this thing showed up at the door, but go for it, you unaware parents, you!

style designed in Detroit?

Website: http://www.macomp.com/companionpc.asp

Windows XP on 512MB of memory and a 4200RPM hard drive…ugghh. The year 2006 called and they want to sell you a laptop.

wow. look at them go.


The Edsel of netbooks.

My netbook growing up:

Teach your kids early on to be disappointed with the processing power of computers.