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At that price I’d buy a pile. $200 I can buy a refurb’d proper netbook, so I think I’ll pass on this one today…

there’s only one available…will someone take one for team team, please!

Dont they give these to kids in third world countries?

they tried. noone wanted them there either.

Yeah I think these were part of the failed buy one we send one to the Ivory Coast deals.

Can I play Space Invaders on this?

This is an amazing piece of
Consumer Research And Planning

AH HAHAHAHAHA…what a great chuckle to start the day off with …

Woot, I’ll pay $100 for this. Srs. $199 I could get one with a 160GB HD and 1GB RAM - but for half… :smiley:

Looks to me to be about 25 of 'ems

“Integrates seamlessly into the classroom – easy to carry, lightweight, resembles a textbook”

That is good to know my kid will not be made fun of because his Netbook does not “Integrate” properly.

dont know whats worse this or the ipod??


woot: “how do you feel about selling shitty products”

“things you call crap”

Only about 22 of these bad boys left! I got my three quick :slight_smile:

Well… one went out. Looks like 19ish left?

“Supports theft-deterrent solutions”… isn’t that what got the school district in trouble in the first place?

Ever once in a while a pregnant mother gives birth to a terribly wrong, shocking freak of nature. This netbook is an example.

My three year old has been using my old EeePC 900HA netbook for over a year now. He’s dropped that sucker at least a dozen times, and it’s still working just fine. It puts this thing to shame.

“Supports theft-deterrent solutions”

…and what would that be? A big sticker on the front with its specs??? :smiley:

remove all the innards and you’d have a decent lunch box.

Someone bought three of these!?!