M-Audio 88-Key Digital Piano with Sibelius First Notation Software

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Bought one of these last year on Woot. We’re very happy with it. This is a really good deal. If you get one, check M-Audio website–We got a free $150 set of headphones and about $60 in free music books on a rebate deal. Don’t know if they are still offering this deal or not.

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Amazon: 5 reviews, 5 stars, $713.97:


Edit: also see NightGhost just above me.

Here’s a video.

Last year’s woot looks like the 300 model, though, not the 200?


Review at Blue Voices

Review/ad at Sweetwater



Yep, last year was the 300, selling for 800

I just wanted to say that even when I’m not buying the product, the descriptions usually make me smile. And this was an especially good one. Thank you.

Link to the software, Sibelius First:


I have the DCP-300 and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Best part is that I can plug-in my head-phones and practice my piano sonatas in the middle of the night without waking up the family. My kids are learning piano and i don’t even have to listen to it. Great product, I can only recommend it. And it’s a steal tonight - I paid a lot more for mine.

I believe it was selling for $699.99 or 700. Reference a few postings above.

What we bought was the DCP 300. This is the DCP 200. We got a way better deal :slight_smile: and those headphones are the best I have ever owned!

I wouldn’t be able to buy one of these unless I had tried it out in person. I need to know that the piano sound isn’t going to drive me crazy because of sounding too electronic/compressed/fake. There are a lot of ways to screw up the reproduction of acoustic piano sounds. Unfortunately the video that Nightghost posted is a demo of one of the electric piano sounds, so that doesn’t help me.

I will say that as a regular user of Sibelius software I highly recommend that. I’ve used Finale and other things and Sibelius is by far the easiest, most functional, and least glitchy notation software on the market.

We got the DCP-300 on Woot last year. It’s been a really great piano for us, and one of our favorite woots. :slight_smile:

Having just heard that song play today for the first time in years (and being enough of a Billy Joel fan to know all the words by heart), I have to commend the writers on another fine song parody. Thanks for the much-needed late night laugh.

I would reward Woot by buying it, but sadly, I lack a stool or a bench (and it won’t fit in front of my commode).

They have samples of all of the sounds on the product website:


See the right column under “Audio Samples”


As someone who plays piano regularly, I would highly recommended holding off on buying a piano until you have seen and played it in person.

That being said, characteristically, there are only a few brands who are highly competitive in the digital piano market. The alternatives are typically overpriced for their level of quality. M-Audio is NOT one these few brands.

My first weighted keyboard was a Privia PX 320, which I picked up for about $490 (no tax). My second was a Yamaha P-155, for $1000. Both are solid buys at their price points (the PX320 has been supersceeded by the PX-330, which has superior action and sound)

As a general rule, safe brands are Casio, Kawai (who leases some of their key actions from Yamaha), Korg and Yamaha. Make sure whatever you get has weighted keys.

The people at Piano World are generally well informed. This thread illustrates their (not my) views on this piano:

In general, they say that it has good sound for its price, but poor action (I have not felt the action personally, but a good action means, in general, an easier piano to play, and vice versa).