M-Audio Advanced Digital Console Piano

here’s the product website.

and here it is over at amazon for $967.96.

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M-Audio Advanced Digital Console Piano [New] - $699.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * M-Audio DCP-300 Advanced Digital Console Piano

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Found a 5 star review at Amazon.

Does the top on this open up?

Edit: Never mind, doesn’t look like it does.

Worth it just for the 16 demo songs.

lol I think this may be one of those items where woot loses money on shipping.

Weighs 117 pounds…5 dollars shipping.

^ What he said ^

I use M-Audio gear for recording and I really like it. If I recall, this rig usually runs over a grand.

One thing I would check is to make sure that your motherboard can run the software. I learned that the hard way when I bought M-Box with Pro-Tools. My desktop motherboard had a bottle neck and it timed out after about a minute of record. I picked up a cheap dell laptop and it worked great. I didn’t see anything in the description, but I didn’t see anything when I bought my M-Box either…

Might as well get 3 to really take advantage of the shipping.

Personally, I’d prefer a Baldwin D, but Steinway is probably the most palatable to the McDonald’s going crowd. Decent price for a decent keyboard, IMHO.

You got a problem with Steinway? >_<

Thank GOD it has a Modesty Panel! In for THREE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please tell me this is one of those light-up key deals. If so, in for one!

Holy carp, how cool is that! My UPS man would hate me.

This is the one for you who complains about Woot charging $5 for shipping you a $.49 lighted toilet handle. Order 3 of these so each of your kids can have one in their own rooms, then you can spare us all the future shipping cost rants.

Yeah. You got a problem with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, Baldwin stopped making pianos in the USA a year ago. I have no idea if the new, probably “made in China”, Baldwins remotely compare to the erstwhile king keyboards. There is nothing else that even compares to a Baldwin D, properly maintained. No, not even a Bösendorfer. Sorry Tori.

Really, really want. Mmmm, want.

Husband will not want. Boo.

ooooooooooooo can I program this with my computer to make one of those musical christmas light shows?

How do you ship a Piano?