M-Audio Advanced Digital Console Piano

Like all other Woot items, this will arrive in a beat-up cardboard box, with some Axe body spray scented papers in the bottom.

You’re not likely to find a real hammer weighted piano for under a grand. Sorely wish I could afford this. Maybe if I could sell my plasticky keyboard…

Looks like there’s a rebate available too…

It’s from the manufacture…so might be good if you buy it from woot too???

The warehouse clubs had a Casio that fit that description for about $600 a few years ago. Good deals can be found if you know what to look for. :wink:

Is this digital piano able to be tuned? It’s important because, believe it or not, digital products can be out of tune based on the device’s speakers or the speakers you are running them through. Also, as the speakers age the sounds will move out of tune. For the basic player, this may not be a big deal, but if you can tune by ear, it will bother you when (not if) it happens.

You are insane.

LOL! Too true! :slight_smile:

Why am I insane?

For anyone who needs a quick primer on digital pianos:


Yeah, what’s up with that anyway? When i found one in my Perfect Pullup box, i figured it was supposed to be some kind of manly-man synergy, but with my Vornado fan, not so much!

Usually about $1100 from most music stores. This is M-Audio’s top-of-the-line piano - I would totally get it, except I don’t really play piano by trade and I need a stage piano more than a console. It’s a relatively new product (introduced May 2009), so there won’t be too many reviews floating around. However, I’ve heard the line compared favorably to Yamaha Clavinovas, which are pretty good already, so you probably can’t go wrong with this if you’re going for a decent digital piano. For something better, I’d recommend something like a Yamaha CLP380 or Roland HP207, but those flagship models are 3000-4000, and you can’t buy them online; like a real piano, you’ll have to find a store to try them out and haggle.

This model already has escapement (the little clicky feeling you get when pressing on the keys really softly), which is usually indicative of fairly good action (the feel of the keys - without real hammers striking strings, the feeling has to be replicated by little switches and weights). Cheaper models than this will typically skimp on the action first, and then things like polyphony (how many notes you can hear at once, decay, etc.) and sampling density (is it a piano recorded once and played at different levels, or is it several samples recorded at different levels to represent the dynamics of the piano?). In this range, you can also look at Kurzweil, Kawai, and higher-end KORG/Casio models, along with the aforementioned Yamaha and Roland. Perhaps not the best at anything, but probably a very strong starter digital piano. Not for discerning pianists.

Don’t really like RCA input/outputs, and it has no MIDI in (looks like USB will work for that though). Looks like a solid pedal board though. And it actually HAS a pedal board! I’m always slightly peeved when they’re not there. Also, no bench. Musician’s Friend currently offers this piano with a bench, headphones, and some piano books (a $230 value with free shipping! act now). The speakers probably aren’t very good either, but most people won’t notice/care.

Anyone know about how these “weighted” keys compare with the real deal? Thinking of getting this for the girlfriend but she may not like it if the keys respond just like acoustic piano keys.

Here’s hoping that leftovers end up in the baggy old creature :wink:

Oops…Anyone know about how these “weighted” keys compare with the real deal? Thinking of getting this for the girlfriend but she may not like it if the keys DO NOT respond just like acoustic piano keys.

i assume they will use some sort of truck. with steering wheel and engine.

Few but the concert players will notice the difference. She’ll be thrilled! Get her three. :slight_smile:

Too bad I already got a Casio AP-500. I love it!!

BTW, the Sibelius First software retails for about $130, and yes, it does work on a Mac! :wink:

now I can learn to play my favorite song!


I love M-Audio gear. But I have no monies, and no space…