M-Audio KeyStudio 25 Keyboard

The M-Audio KeyStudio 25 Keyboard has 25 keys. Coincidence or Conspiracy?


Keyboard Cat approves.

I have a M-Audio board, very nice MIDI board

I thought cheap keyboards died with the 80’s?

♫ Wake me up, before you go go ♫

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good night/day y’all. time for rest after working and wooting all night…

I think it’s more of a continuo.

This would make Billy Joel proud. Go piano man

Aren’t we about due for a detour?

The question remains to be asked…

Will it work with a Mac?

“velocity sensitive keys”? What is that? Could that not be said about any type of key you press? The faster you press a key the sooner the resultant action will occur…

Perfect item for lunch break, should be up for at least an hour!

Next up a VCR!

This is really a “keyboard controller.” It does NOT make any sounds at all. It just sends MIDI events to your computer, where it will have to make the noise.


How much did the Leak Frogs sell for? Anyone know?

a 25 key keyboard is a toy.

Buy 3 now.

I’ve got the older version of this keyboard and have used it for several years. The biggest problem with it (and I’ve noticed this on an M-Audio DI box I have too) is that the USB port gets loose and fails to make contact with the cable so it is constantly in a state of connecting and disconnecting depending on the minute position of the cable. I ended up buying a new female USB port on both units and soldered them in. No problem since then. As far as performance, this is a nice little MIDI interface that can go wherever you take your laptop.