M-Audio Monitor Speakers



Please forgive me oh Amazon overlords but is this one or a pair??


Bought this already and it’s 1 pair that comes with 2 speakers


SweetCheeks0618 is right. One pair (two speakers).


Bought these new from ProAudioStar in January 2013 to replace an aging set of 4x passive then-13 year old Tannoy Reveal Near-Field monitors (these things).

The range on these are excellent, though be aware that the crossover setting cannot be adjusted. I’m running them at full range through the built-in crossover of a reference subwoofer (Yamaha HS10W) via XLR, which also runs through to an outboard Mixer via XLR.

They, like most Near-Field monitors, are fairly directional. They are inset with a tiny blue-LED which is meant to indicate at which point you are within the optimal listening position (brightest light = optimal point).

Overall, I’ve been happy with my purchase. I’ve had the volume on these monitors set at a static position for the better part of 3 years now, and handle everything from the outboard mixer.


No deal. $349 at B&H


Just my two cents, take or leave it! I purchased these a while back and one failed in two months. Replaced them with another pair of M-Audio’s but soon after purchased JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor for my son and wow blew the M-Audio’s away in my opinion for less money.


Well spotted. I thought these looked a bit high since I paid $359.99 from ProAudioStar in 2013…

Sounds like it may have been a defect. I’ve had mine for the better part of three years without issue (Proverbial Knock-On-Wood).