M-Audio Protools Keystudio Keyboard

Anyone who is considering getting this as a gift for someone who wishes to learn the play the keyboard ought almost certainly pass. 61 keys is mostly a necessity but because they are generally pitched in C, still inadequate. You’ll most likely require a 76-key instrument, not because those keys are needed, but because about a low F or G is desirable. A short-ranged instrument pitched in C might still be useful for an organ-console project, but if you’re undertaking that then you probably know what you’re looking for.

Hmm. Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Does the pro tools software come with it?

I had this, and it was great for noodling with Garage Band, but in my experience if you’re a fairly serious musician or you are thinking of using this to learn to play keyboards, you’re probably going to want to trade up to more keys fairly quickly.

M Audio makes four sizes of this - 37 keys, 49 keys, 61 keys, and 88 keys (88 is full piano keyboard size). This one is the 49-key version. It’s a good keyboard. Only problem I ever had with it (other than size limitations) was that sometimes, switching the audio input from the keyboard to other sources all the time got to be a drag.

did you post before reading the whole product description?

does anyone know if this has speakers on it, or does it need to be hooked up to something?

Yes, but it’s a watered-down version.

Looks like a good deal for the price

Die evil Time-sucking keyboard…DIE!!

Someone buy a bunch so I can see the next item

Yeah, sure, Y dont U

What would I do with a bunch of keyboards?

Oh, you don’t dont want to know!


It needs to be hooked up to a computer; it’s not set up to be used as a standalone keyboard.

How much did this thing cost?

Anyone have a tracking number yet?

No, No tracking number yet. Since this was a woot-off, it takes them a little bit longer to get everything all shipped out. It will be pretty soon though.

This item was $69.99 + $5.

If anyone hasn’t gotten theirs yet and it’s a gift for someone you live with, BEWARE! Mine came with a picture of the product on the OUTSIDE of the box! totally ruined the surprise for my husband since he got home first :frowning: