M-Audio Protools Recording Studio

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M-Audio Protools Recording Studio [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * M-Audio Protools Recording Studio

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M-Audio Protools Recording Studio
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 M-Audio Protools Recording Studio

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Wait, down in the description it says “new” ?

Condition at top: refurbished
Condition at bottom: new
Which is it?

I bought this a while ago. While it works great, the XLR input on the back will not provide phantom power. So, if you plan on using a condenser mic, you will need an external power supplier.

I was thinking of putting a recording studio in my home now I can save some serious space.

Yeah, is it NEW or is it refurbished ?

What version of protools M-Powered does this come with?

Newly refurbished.

This has happened in the past. Trust the worst case scenario. So in this case it is a re-furb.

Throw some MST3K on the barbie? Push the button, Frank.

WOOT ? H E L L O ? Oh WOOT ? L@@K !!!

Is this NEW or is it REFURBISHED ?

looks like something a CBer would want to buy.

I bought one of these from a previous Woot and I love it. I use it for home recording all the time. It works fine with Windows 7 x64, though when you look at the box it doesn’t tell you it’s compatible with Windows 7 – get the new drivers from the M-Audio website. I plug this into my laptop, plug in my microphone and bingo: I’m podcasting or recording painfully horrible spoken word.

For simple home recording, this is a terrific purchase. I highly recommend it for travelling musicians and podcasters.

Good luck getting this to work on a non-mac machine. I finally bought pro-tools software for $250, since essentials is not supported. I get the bsod on windows 7 when I try to run protools. I’ve had a case open for a couple of months, and all they do is act like it’s my fault that their crappy software won’t run on windows. You’ve been warned.

I would think it’s new because it has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, and most the refurb stuff I’ve seen has a 3 month or less warranty, but like someone else said, expect the worst case scenario. By the way this is the worst woot off… ever.

Awesome! I’m going to set up my own recording studio with this and that 4.5" speaker from the previous woot. I hope it does autotune…

I want my monkey already! or at least a HD tv tuner…hint hint!

I use one of these in my home studio and it is AWESOME. If you want to record voice to your PC, this is the interface you want.