M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

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Did the price on these go UP?

Only $4 cheaper than Amazon on the torq mixlab.

The 25 Key Studio site.

And the Torq Mixlab site.

And finally, the Fast Track USB site.

The Fast Track USB is now one generation old, but still a great product.

Agreed. I own their product from two years ago, the MIDI keyboard, and it’s phenomenal. I still use it as part of a larger studio now, because it still gives me the control that most of the other PC-MIDI boards can’t do.

For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Also, the fast track was 10 bucks cheaper last time around: http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=3606041

What exactly does the mixlab do?
I was thinking it should have some kind of input, but the only thing I see with the pictures is a single 3.5 mm splitter.

The Mixlab allows you to DJ using mp3s on your computer. It goes through USB. Its fault is unless you have two soundcards (even the Fast Track would work for this…) it isn’t very useful. There is a way to pan each channel through the splitter, but you lose a full stereo effect. Short answer: it is a usb device. No analog signal runs through it whatsoever.

Also, the keyboard was the 49-key model for the same price as this 25-key.

The KeyStudio controller unit has been repackaged with M-Audio’s newer KeyRig software, which is supposed to be better. Guitar Center and Sweetwater both carry it. Sweetwater claims that the KeyRig software can be called as a VST, RTAS, or AU plug-in for us advanced users. I’m not sure if the older version sold here is also available in plug-in form.

Note also that GC and Sweetwater both have the KeyRig 49 for the same $99 as the 25-key; it has fewer controllers and knobs but more piano keys, which may be more to your liking.

This is true - though the 25-key has extra features where the 49-key was mostly just a keyboard.

The Mixlab works via USB with an app called Torq. That is the only way it can be used, as far as I know. That is, it has no input/output other than USB.

I’m not sure what that splitter is for. I don’t recall getting one, unless it is still in the box.

I like my Mixlab. I use it with my desktop for fun. But I’m guessing you could hook it up to a laptop and make it portable.


I know I played with the 25 key keyboard and 49 key keyboard at an Apple store not too long ago, I found that the 25 key was of much higher quality, with many more controllable variables and a much nicer response from the keys themselves.

About the KeyStudio 25:

Great MIDI controller… note: this does not make any sound, it runs through your computer to CONTROL sounds in MIDI format on your computer. Make sure you have adequate hardware (RAM, Processor/BUS speed) or you will have issues with lagging sound after you press a key.

If you are looking for a keyboard to play sound through speakers, move on, this is not that type of keyboard. Think of it like your computer keyboard; it doesn’t make any words but it controls letters on your computer to make words/documents on your computer. Without your computer, the keyboard and MIDI controller both are useless. Unless you have other MIDI hardware and use this as a controller.

I thought this would help some people unfamiliar with MIDI controllers vs. sound generating keyboards.

actually best buy is clearing the torq mixlabs out for 40 bucks, originally 100 or so.

On the key studio, how are the keys? Are they weighted? Do they have good response?

Does anyone know if this suite is compatible with Windows 7 (description says XP & Vista, no mention of 7)?

It should all work for 7. M-Audio went nuts when 7 came out and in like a month made all the drivers compatible. Double check M-Audio’s website, but I am quite sure they all will work with 7.