M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

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Wannabe rappers have the opportunity of a lifetime today…

I think Kanye West makes all his songs with this package and the T-Pain auto-tune app.

Do these have good sound quality? Meaning CD or better?

Nice Woot! I picked up the speakers and keyboard the last time and they both work great…

Compatible with GarageBand and ProTools if your delusions of grandeur turn out to be more than delusions.

The speakers sound amazing, they are very well built and perfect for listening to CD’s…

Will these fit together and form Voltron?

Where are my baggy pants cause it’s “Hammer Time” !!! Can’t touch this.

I… I got my two turntables and a microphone, after all. T___T

That being said, anyone who did pick up the microphone before: any boos or yays? How’s it for podcasting-level recording?

Got the microphone in a previous woot. The quality is brilliant! You can listen to a podcast that my brother and I are doing at podomatic, using the microphone.

I got the microphone the last time it came up. The mic works great, but the software it came with is not very intuitive (at least not on a Mac). But I use the mic with Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and the audio is amazing. Probably gonna need to get a pop-filter for this bad boy.

Hey woot, you should fix your captions.

The close up image of the back of the keyboard says the non-USB port is a headphone jack when it’s clearly labeled on the keyboard as the sustain pedal jack.

Mine never worked very good, and I HATE having to deal with a bulky, stupid dongle as a hardware anti-piracy key.

If I wasnt a packrat, it’d be in the garbage.

Really good price on the Keyboard. It was $10 more expensive last time!

My dad has been trying to record himself playing guitar for ages now, would this be good enough for that? He is not very computer literate.

I was so excited to get all of this for $70 :frowning:

The recording studio would work great for Dad, it’s USB so easy to connect… Have him read the instructions in the help tab and he should be up and running in no time…

I have the Vocal Studio mic, and have been very satisfied with it.

Check out a recording I made using this mic of a bunch of vocal Pacific Tree Frogs near my house back in March.

On another note, curses! I keep patiently waiting for another M-Audio deal, but I’m holding out for the KeyStudio 25, last seen on Woot.com in June 2009 and on Sellout back in January.

Not interested in the 49-key, unfortunately. The 25-key is more portable, which is important for a college student. Also, I believe the 25-key has more knobs and twiddly bits than the 49-key, as seen below:



Hopefully it’ll pop up again before December. Really hoping to be able to pick one up as a Christmas present.