M-Audio Recording Studio Equipment

Sweet! I’ve been waiting for the AV30 speakers to re-appear for weeks now. In for a set!

Do these all work with Logic Studio/Express 8 ? If so, I might just have to purchase everything…

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Previous Woot for the 25 Keystudio and Mixlab

Previous Woot for Vocal Studio and Speakers

I’m not sure about the microphone software, but the mixer software was amazing. Plug, play, and create great mixes in minutes!

The Keyboard does NOT want to work with XP Media Center edition. Just a word of caution.

I bought the speakers, fast track, and microphones in the previous woot-off. I do have some gripes about it.

But first, here’s what I really liked: The speakers were a noticeable step up in audio quality from my previous speakers, which were Logitech Z3 2.1 speakers. I noticed sounds in songs that I had never heard countless times previously. Make sure, though, that you have the speakers pointed at you at ear level; the difference is not insignificant.

But here is my major gripe: Do not buy both the microphone and the fast track devices if you are planning to use the Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software that comes with them. The software will only work on your system if you have EXACTLY ONE of these devices connected via USB. I don’t have the keyboard but I assume it would have the same problem. This occurred even after I updated to the latest software patch a few weeks ago.

So, if I wanted to record my voice, I would have to unplug the fast track, then start up the software, then record my voice. If I wanted to then record my guitar track, I’d have to shut down Pro Tools, unplug the mic, then plug in Fast Track, and start up the software again. Very annoying.

I haven’t tried the Mic with the fast track, but I do use the keyboard and the fast track at the same time without any issues. I’m running Windows 7 64bit…

Does anybody know whether the USB recording box will record directly to a WMA or mp3 compressed format ? I expect it does wav only.
wav is good quallity but big files. I use a Creative USB recording unit similar to this and often record XM radio shows with it. I really like to record directly to 320 kbs wma directly.
small files and decent quality for radio.
I went to m-audio for the info and could not find it.
Note at this web address:
M-Audio they state the recording software does not work with Win XP media center edition.

Good price for all this stuff.

If you want good speakers for your computer, this is a fantastic deal. Pretty much every set of “computer speakers” out there - even the high-end ones - aren’t worth much compared to a real audio setup. Ideally, you could set up an external amp and some really nice speakers, but that costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of room. This is a great way to get a very, very nice sound system that doesn’t take up a lot of space or cash.

The only downside is that they’re studio monitors, so they’re designed with very flat frequency response. Most consumer market speakers are designed to punch up certain areas of the sound spectrum that sound pleasing - the result sounds better to many ears, but it’s inaccurate and not what you want in a studio. Thankfully, pretty much any media player you care to name on the PC these days (and even most portable players) have an equalization function that can replicate those very same settings, and you can get that same sound back if you like.

I think this post is right on !
Still with a 3" woofer and such a small box you will not get much bass or “warmth” in the sound. But for the size, quality and price it is a great deal.

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I got the speakers that last time they were on here, and they lasted about 2 hours before they died… (audio would stay on for about 5 seconds after turning it on and it’d slowly go to nothing, if i turned it up to 11 i could hear it, but it was distorted). $16 and about three weeks later I got a brand new set returned to me from Avid. They sound great now though!

Will this work with Audacity?

So tempted, must resist!

I grabbed the Xsession Pro awhile ago
im a professional dj, but admit its a fun lil toy that CAN and does work if in a massive bind

MP3 list
that mixer
plug into Home Amplifer
good to rock a quick setup house party :slight_smile:

but for any real DJing purposes, itll cost you a good $800-$1600 on gear for a real setup :slight_smile:


Shoot i thought id get the whole setup any one know how much all of these things would cost new? im thinking about just buying new if its only like 50-60$ more

It’ll record into a Pro Tools session, you can then bounce the session into a lot of different audio formats / bit rates.

I run Pro Tools LE, and if Essential is anything like the standard flavors of PT, the software is straightforward to get installed but a huge headache/timesink to get working really well on Windows. I’ve had create hardware profiles, mess with the BIOS, and even buy a separate firewire card and it’s still not happy. Be sure to check the system/hardware requirements if you’re going to want to work with more than a few things at a time in a single session.

Amateur rapper here

Hows the voice quality on the mic without a pop filter for usage in a very very stripped home studio IE (a computer and said mic)

Glad I’m not the only one to notice this.

I’ve been hoping the AV40 speakers would show up…not interested in the 30s though. That extra inch of woofer diameter and extra five watts per channel in the amplifier make a huge difference.

The speakers are listed for $99.99 new on M-Audio’s website.